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Ana Maria Gilliam Bridges Cultures Through Music and Events

By Kody Boye

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(Image: Ana Maria Gilliam)

With a father from the Dominican Republic and a mother from Barcelona, Spain, Ana Maria Gilliam has a rich and varied Latin American background that has significantly impacted her. She developed a strong affinity for Latin music and culture due to her diverse upbringing. Ana Maria’s cultural and educational horizons expanded when she enrolled in Michigan after moving to the United States. She enthusiastically shares the mix of Latin cultures that have shaped her life. Her goal at AMG Management is to facilitate the global connection of gifted artists, building a network and community of like-minded performers to create elite festivals and events for the Latin American market.

A Passion Rooted in Music

One of Ana Maria’s main passions in life has been live concerts and music and sports events. She was raised with a strong respect for the arts, music, and dancing because her family highly prized these mediums. Her lifetime interest has led her to naturally want to close the gap between artists and create a worldwide network of gifted people. She wants to use AMG Management to support artists in realising their full potential and to unite various skills to produce events that will be remembered forever. Gilliam accomplishes this with help from her seasoned producer, Juan Pablo Giraldo.

Establishing a profitable company and team has been challenging. Ana Maria gained invaluable expertise in empathy, relatability, and leadership throughout her forty years as a teacher in the public school system. These abilities have been vital in building a solid basis for her company’s operations. She understands that a team effort is necessary for success and believes in leading and growing through persistence. Her ability to inspire and give her pupils confidence has carried over into her company strategy, where she has fostered a collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

Using a Global Perspective to Help Others Grow

Ana Maria’s sincere dedication to the prosperity and well-being of the artists she collaborates with makes her stand out in the industry. Her goal is to create a network of support that gives artists the means to advance their profession and provide their finest performances. Her vast travels, which have taken her to more than 40 nations on five continents, have given her a distinct viewpoint on talent and cultural variety. She can bring together artists from all origins, weaving a beautiful tapestry of skill and experiences thanks to her global perspective. Currently, she works toward this goal through her position as chief entertainment operator for top Bliss Club International in Peñol, Colombia. This unique event space has become a hub for new, talented artists.

Numerous honors and achievements adorn Ana Maria’s career. She has won awards for Hispanic Teacher of the Year and High School Golf Coach of the Year. She quickly speaks Spanish, English, and French. She has experience teaching English and Spanish in middle, high, and college classrooms. Her travels and cultural experiences have enhanced her professional and personal lives, allowing her to interact with individuals from many backgrounds.

Making a Lasting Impact

Ana Maria hopes to see AMG Management grow in the future, not just in Colombia but also in the US and Europe. She aims to keep pursuing her passion and calling by bringing together young, gifted artists worldwide and organising unique events. Her desire to make a lasting impression through her business is fueled by her commitment to her family, which includes her two children and grandkids.

The foundation of Ana Maria’s actions is her love of her family and occasions. Her art demonstrates her love of life and dedication to showcasing her ethnic background via music and events. As a proud grandmother and mother of two, Sean Gilliam and Jacqueline Kyrouac, she looks to her family for motivation and purpose as she works to leave a legacy of using music, the language that connects all people, to unite people.

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