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Etier: Redefining luxury craftsmanship in the UK

A new chapter in British luxury

By Jon Stojan

Close up of a Rolls Etier is redefining British luxury (Image: Provided)Royce bonnet with luxury watches on it

Despite challenging economic conditions, the global luxury market soared to €1.5 trillion in 2023, with celebrities and entertainers playing a pivotal role in driving this trend forward in Europe and beyond. According to the 22nd annual Luxury Study by Bain & Company and Fondazione Altagamma, the industry grew by 8-10% over 2022, showcasing its resilience in uncertain times. European luxury experienced a surge fueled by tourism, with resort destinations and key cities attracting affluent travelers. Regardless of macroeconomic instability impacting local customers, top clientele segments sustained momentum, propelling market expansion. In this environment, the watch industry stood out for its resilience and vitality, underscoring the enduring appeal of luxury timepieces globally.

Introducing Etier

Within the milieu of legacy and new brands competing for market share and consumer attention, one name stands out for its exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary design ethos – Etier. Founded in 2022 by a young British entrepreneur Sonny Spriggs, Etier has quickly become the most captivating up-and-coming luxury brand in the UK, capturing the attention of popular celebrities, football stars, and influencers alike.

A Spriggs family legacy

Sonny Spriggs’ journey to establishing Etier was deeply influenced by his family’s entrepreneurial legacy. Having worked closely with his father, Wayne Spriggs, the visionary behind the renowned luxury lifestyle brand Lusso, Sonny imbibed invaluable lessons in design, craftsmanship, and business acumen. Lusso, with its opulent homeware and bathroom collections, boasts an illustrious clientele including Claridge’s, Tiffany & Co, Harrods, and LVMH, solidifying its status as one of the UK’s premier luxury brands.

Two men in suits smiling into the camera
Sonny Spriggs (left) and Wayne Spriggs (right) (Image: Provided)

Learning from his father’s experience with Lusso and driven by the same passion for superior design and craftsmanship, Sonny embarked on a mission to create a modern luxury label that would push boundaries and redefine sophistication. Thus, Etier was born, with a commitment to using only the finest materials and traditional production techniques. In a time when luxury is often associated with excess, Etier is synonymous with refinement, elegance, and enduring craftsmanship.

Luxury watch accessories

At the heart of Etier’s allure lies its premier range of watch rolls and watch cases. Each piece is a testament to Sonny’s dedication to flawless design and superior quality. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of natural, plastic-free materials, setting it apart in an industry increasingly focused on ethical practices.

The Etier watch rolls are expertly hand-crafted using real, full-grain leather and finished with immaculate details. All of Etier’s watch rolls also feature microfibre linings for increased protection, making them a must-have for watch enthusiasts. The Etier watch stands are finely handcrafted by expert artisans, successfully marrying the beauty of marble with premium ostrich and crocodile leather. Etier’s hand-stitched card holders carry up to seven credit, debit, and loyalty cards in a safe, secure, and discreet manner. The Fiore collection is exclusively designed in the United Kingdom and all card holders are finished in luxurious printed Crocodile leather with the signature Etier branding in Chrome. Moreover, Etier offers wash bags, key chains, and travel collections.

But what truly sets Etier apart is its burgeoning popularity among celebrities, football stars, and influencers, coinciding with larger trends in the luxury goods industry.

As Etier continues to expand its product line to include phone cases, travel bags, and more, it remains steadfast in its mission to redefine luxury craftsmanship in the UK and beyond. Etier and Sonny Spriggs are intent on cementing their status as timeless icons of sophistication for generations to come.

With Sonny Spriggs at the helm, Etier is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the timeless allure of British design and the enduring legacy of the Spriggs family.

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