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Falling for The Romance: a pop rock star on the rise

A loud future lies ahead for Cody Hoffman

By Jon Stojan

The Romance (Picture: Press)

Ever since rock was invented, generations have found new ways to fall in love with the classic combo of a hard guitar and a strong voice. It’s not easy to take control of the power that erupts when a ruthless riff meets the raw grit of a perfect rock voice, but that’s what it takes to be an artist who can touch the hearts of rock listeners. Fans of the genre know what this sounds like. They know the feeling it can inspire. The most popular single by The Romance, Fu2urface, strikes this feeling with impressive aim.

The Sound and the Passion

Going by the stage name The Romance, Cody Hoffman has been earning his rock creds by working with Grammy-winning producers who have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. This shows through in his sound. As hard as Fu2urface hits, the acoustic version matches its power. The Romance’s studio singles invest heavily in the raw force that he can put into his instruments and voice. The key to his sound is simply to elevate his natural musicality.

“Stay genuine, authentic to yourself and your audience,” is one key lesson The Romance says he’s learned in his musical journey. His music is unapologetically genuine, unafraid of explicit lyrics, and vulnerable, reaching emotive heights that perfectly express anger, sadness, and confidence. The passion behind his music is what lifts it to the next level. The Romance has a voice that can carry listeners on a journey, his heart shines through every beat.

First Singles and Tours

The Romance’s Spotify consists of seven singles, which includes two acoustic versions of other tracks, and a list of upcoming performances that will take him all over the U.S. This is a young career, but with this much musical power, it’s a career that can go far.

The Romance’s accomplishments become even more impressive when considering that he did the work on his own. Everyone knows the music industry is hard, and The Romance has accomplished so much with nothing but his music, his know-how, and his own determination. He admits that it’s been a challenge “trying to make noise in the music industry when there’s millions of other artists trying to do the same thing. Also, booking a tour with successful bands all by myself.”

A Loud Future Ahead

Right now, The Romance’s career is only headed upward. “I see myself continuing to tour, landing a record deal,” he says. It’s the perfect time for fans to discover a brand-new talent and follow the story of a new rocker through his career. These seven singles are satisfying to listen to, and it’s easy to leave The Romance’s Spotify collection on a loop and stay engaged.

His is the kind of sound that turns people into rock music fans. The Romance manages an album’s worth of scope in just a few tracks, reminding listeners of favorite songs they’ve had on repeat for decades. What will he accomplish in his next few albums? What about when he records his first album? The future is bright for The Romance as he is an artist to watch.

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