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Grunge art rock band, The Quarantined, releases two highly-anticipated EPs: ‘Aversion To Normalcy’ and ‘Bedroom Inc.’

Punk rock fans will resonate with the new work.

By Jon Stojan

Sean Martin of The Quarantined

The Quarantined, a grunge art rock band founded in 2010, announces the release of their third and fourth EPs: Bedroom Inc. and Aversion To Normalcy. Sean Martin, the band leader who wears many hats in the group’s music production, expresses his excitement for the release. “The Quarantined began writing these two EPs a long time ago, but we’re happy to finally release them. Lots of things have gotten in the way of music production: Mental health, COVID, and personal circumstances. However, all punk rock fans can still find songs they enjoy in our work. Almost every one of our songs has a strong message behind it that I think people will relate with.”

Aversion To Normalcy continues the band’s long streak of producing politically and socially provocative tracks that describe a personal journey through becoming a decent person in an indecent world. While their music is often dark and aggressive, The Quarantined still taps into softer emotions. Bedroom Inc. has a few vulnerable tracks compared to Aversion To Normalcy, showing a different side of the group.

The release of Bedroom Inc. is comprised of several beloved alternative rock classics the group will perform as covers. With the current release of Aversion To Normalcy and Bedroom Inc., Sean says the group will offer a deluxe edition of the albums.

The Quarantined was designed and launched by Sean Martin in 2010 in Hollywood. A decade prior, he brainstormed the band’s name and its role in the music industry. It wasn’t until he found similarly talented and daring musicians that he was ready to bring it to life.

Sean, along with other members are multi-talented music professionals. Combined they have decades of experience writing, recording, and producing music.

“I created the Quarantined band name when I was 15, working three jobs,” says Sean. “That time was really tough for me because I felt ostracized and rejected by society in multiple ways. After a while, I began to wonder if society was the strange one, not me. The word by itself describes a dichotomy of self to society. Without situational knowledge from seeing the world as it is, you won’t know who you authentically are, then, you never know if you’re quarantined or free. But regardless of that choice, you’re still part of one group, the human race. It’s a subtle push for my favorite saying: knowledge is power.”

If you’re wondering what The Quarantined has to offer, visit their website to listen to the demos of One Last Chance and Instagram Hell.

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