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The Vamps live in London: pop starlets mark ten years as a band

As they mark ten years together The Vamps kick off their world tour with an impressive string of UK dates.

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By Daisy Russell

As they mark ten years together The Vamps are kicking off their world tour with a string of UK dates.

Opening their London O2 show with their hit ‘Last Night’, the four-piece are full of Saturday-night energy – an infectious vibe that gets us all hyped up for the rest of the night. Another track from their 2014 debut ‘Wild Heart’ goes down just as well. It’s my personal favourite song, and I can’t resist capturing the moment on my phone as the stage is bathed in red light.

At one point, lead singer Brad tells us he wants us to go home tonight with “no voice and aching feet” from singing and dancing the whole time. We’re only too happy to oblige. Another highlight is when special guest Patrick Droney joins the band on stage for ‘Middle of the Night’, with Brad, Connor and James all on guitars. A sea of phone torches lights up the O2 as we sing our hearts out.

‘Can We Dance’, which peaked at number 2 in the UK, is up next. This band knows how to charm the audience and in a lull before the chorus, Brad announces that he’s going to need everyone singing at the top of their lungs – and of course we do not hold back. Throughout the track, the arena is filled with a sense of community and shared love for the boys.

Of the band’s newer releases, ‘Married in Vegas’ offers a memorable snapshot as Brad thrashes out the tune from their 2020 Cherry Blossom album on the piano while Connor stands atop it, strumming his guitar.

Just when we couldn’t get more excited, during ‘Oh Cecilia’, Brad jumps off the stage to join the conga line around the arena, and a frenzy of fans scramble to be near him. It’s all too soon, but the show comes to a climax with ‘Somebody to You’. The band tells us to put our phones away, so we can experience the moment together, as it will never happen again. Some comply, but for others the temptation to capture it is all too great. As confetti canons are fired to celebrate the grand finale, everyone belts out the lyrics. We Vampettes and Vampions come good on our promise. My Monday morning is all the brighter as a recurring lyric provides the soundtrack: “Yeah you! Last night, think we were dancing, singing all our favourite songs”. Here’s to the next 10 years.