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Meet Yesy Hernandez: The LA Woman at the Forefront of Sustainable HVAC

By Kody Boye

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Yesy Hernandez (Image: Provided)

In the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, you’ll locate an inspiring businesswoman named Yesy Hernandez, who’s breaking down obstacles and paving the way as a female entrepreneur within the historically male-ruled HVAC industry. As the mastermind behind Climatisation HVAC, Hernandez has established a thriving commercial enterprise renowned for its brand new, environmentally conscious heating and cooling solutions catering to both residential and commercial customers in Southern California.

Breaking Barriers in the HVAC Industry

Growing up in Burbank, California, Hernandez fell in love with LA from a young age. She started her profession in insurance but soon realised that her passion lay within the HVAC industry. Motivated by her love for problem-solving, Hernandez pursued a diploma in mechanical engineering with a focal point on stationary air conditioning and heating. Encouraged by her mother, she also acquired her MBA, equipping herself with the know-how and abilities required to become a true leader within the enterprise.

“In the HVAC industry, every client’s needs are unique, yet every solution is founded on best practices, code requirements, and customer specifications,” Hernandez explains. “The blend of customisation and clear rules appeals to me; every project is a puzzle of sorts, and once you piece it together, the HVAC system will function and thrive.”

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Hernandez has faced her fair share of challenges. However, she has never let stereotypes or biases hold her back. By focusing on building strong relationships, delivering exceptional service, and staying at the forefront of innovative technologies, Hernandez has established Climatisation HVAC as a trusted name in the industry of sustainable HVAC.

“One of the greatest challenges I overcame as a woman company owner in the HVAC trade was breaking through the stereotypes and biases that once dominated the industry,” she shares. “Ignoring the so-called noise was easier said than done, but it all came down to focusing on relationships and quality of service.”

Commitment to Sustainability and World-Class Excellence

What sets Climatisation HVAC apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions. Hernandez and her team work tirelessly to implement eco-friendly heating and cooling systems without compromising efficiency or reliability. By diving deep into each client’s logistical needs and leveraging the latest technologies, they develop innovative solutions that reduce carbon footprints while providing optimal comfort.

This dedication to sustainability has earned Climatisation HVAC a loyal following, including high-profile clients in fashion. Hernandez takes great pride in the relationships she has built with these luxury brands and the trust they have placed in her company.

Empowering Women in HVAC

As a leader in her field, Hernandez is passionate about encouraging more women to pursue careers in HVAC and entrepreneurship. She actively uses social media to connect with aspiring engineers, technicians, and founders, offering support and guidance to help them navigate the industry.

“I think it’s important for female founders—and really everyone in business—to acknowledge their self-doubt without letting it consume them,” Hernandez advises. “Eventually, the results will come, and any lingering uncertainty will go away. I know this firsthand as a woman in HVAC.”

Looking to the future, Hernandez envisions Climatisation HVAC expanding its reach to serve the entire state of California while maintaining its reputation as the region’s most trusted eco-conscious HVAC company. She also hopes to continue inspiring and empowering women in the trades, paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive industry.

For Yesy Hernandez, success is not just about building a thriving business; it’s about breaking barriers, creating positive change, and proving that with hard work and determination, anything is possible—regardless of gender or background.

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