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Top 5 coaches going into 2024

These are five of the top coaches to keep an eye on this year

By Jon Stojan

Composite of 5 different men
Top 5 coaches for 2024 (Image: Provided)

In today’s cutthroat culture, where everyone is fighting to succeed, usually at the expense of others, men often lack the time to take care of their authentic selves. As the saying goes, nature abhors a vacuum, and this vacuum generated a surge of personal coaching businesses in American society. Starting initially in the domain of sports, coaches have now expanded into every aspect of modern lives. From exercise to mental health to office leadership, there’s now a coach for almost every component of your life. We expect these five coaches to continue their life-changing excellence throughout this year and beyond.

Fabian Tejada

Profile shot of a man wearing a mic headset wearing a black shirt and black tie
Fabian Tejada (Image: Provided)

Regarding personal development, few professionals are as committed as Fabián Tejada, a distinguished NLP Master Trainer and Master Coach specialising in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), hypnosis and personal success.

His journey from a seasoned industrial engineer to becoming a remarkably successful NLP Master Trainer is as inspiring as it is transformative. Captivated by the profound impact and benefits of NLP and hypnosis, Tejada left engineering and braved the world of entrepreneurship and coaching with a combination of grit, innovative thinking, and unwavering passion—core tenets that have consistently yielded incredible results for his clients.

Tejada’s expertise doesn’t end with NLP. He is equally skilled and certified as a Trainer in various personal development techniques, including many types of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Higher Self-therapy. His holistic approach is grounded in the belief that personal development is a multifaceted journey that involves aligning one’s beliefs, values, and goals.

As the head of the largest NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis school in Latin America (AHPNL), Tejada is significantly involved in teaching, mentoring and certifying Coaches and Master Coaches. His focus is on equipping his students with the tools to reprogram their minds for success, move past limiting beliefs, and, ultimately, help others do the same.

Tejada is also an accomplished writer. In his book “What is Preventing You From Achieving Success” (¿Qué es lo que realmente te impide tener éxito?), he aims to promote an understanding that regardless of the circumstances – no one is designed to fail but is, instead, already armed with everything needed to achieve one’s goals—to do more and, most importantly, experience more. He is also the host of the podcast “NLP and Principles for Success,” which is the most heard podcast in NLP in Spanish, where Fabián shares strategies for success and how we can program our minds for success easily.

Joe Sullivan

A man lifts a heavy weigh in a gym surrounded by other men
Joe Sullivan (Image: Provided)

Joe Sullivan started his powerlifting journey when he was just 14 years old. A kid from a struggling family in Flint, Michigan, he wasn’t perceived as someone with the genetic advantages essential to success in the sport. However, through the sheer power of his will and determination, he beat all expectations, became a world record holder, and pivoted towards coaching to help others achieve greatness in powerlifting.

Sullivan’s breakout performance as a powerlifter came in 2017 at the US Open, when he managed to break the all-time world record in his age division. Just a year later, however, his career was almost wholly ended when he suffered an injury that left him unable to control his left arm. Through hard work and discipline, he recovered and beat the open all-time world squat record six times in a row, writing his name in the sport’s history.

Sullivan named his coaching business The Collective Adapt or Die to reflect his philosophy about the importance of being able to roll with the punches and make the best of any situation. That’s the same philosophy he tries to instill into the people he coaches, just as his father has instilled in him throughout his life.

Even though Sullivan has chosen powerlifting over a medical career at a critical juncture, his dedication to others’ well-being is also evident in his advocacy for mental health awareness in competitive sports. And it’s in that spirit that he wants to build a legacy of a positive impact on powerlifting, both individual athletes and the community.

Tom Williams

Profile shot of a smiling man in a blue suit
Tom Williams (Image: Provided)

Military experience and training have given Tom Williams a unique outlook on leadership. As a top leadership coach, Williams finds that many business owners and managers don’t give enough thought to how they lead or mentor their employees. Too often, people who should be guiding instead stumble around without solid strategies. That’s where Tom’s varied experiences as an army officer and business consultant can help.

“What’s important about consulting is you have somebody come in with perspective from many different, almost random, experiences as I’ve worked, and you get a fresh angle. The cool thing about me is I’ve met so many leaders over the years, and I can quickly see what’s wrong with an organisation’s leadership model.”

Williams enlisted in the army, but with the training and leadership development he received, he was invited to enter the Green to Gold program, which transforms promising enlisted service members into officers.

“My motivation for this is like, if I’m doing a good job, then people have better lives in the military,” Tom explains. “Maybe I’ll help people on the civilian side, too. It’s all about serving people for me. Sure, making money is great. Having a reputation is important, too. But at the end of the day, if I can help people, I’ll feel more fulfilled. That’s really what it’s all about for me.”

Williams’ book, War Forged Leadership, is out now and can be paired with short videos produced by Williams with more lessons for visual learners.

Alton McCallum

Profile shot of a smiling man in a suit
Alton McCallum (Image: Provided)

Coming in strong with an impressive academic background – a Doctorate of Education from Johns Hopkins University specialising in Emergency Response Well-Being and a Bachelor’s in Operations Research and Systems Engineering from West Point – is an army veteran and mental health pioneer, Dr. Alton R. McCallum Jr.

After proudly serving our country, Dr. McCallum had to walk on a path of self-healing and self-improvement as the war horrors and getting wounded in battle put unimaginable strain on his mind. When he successfully mended his own mind, he vowed to offer a helping hand to every person who needs it.

Now, as a mental health specialist and avid advocate for mental well-being, Dr. McCallum stands at the helm of the Insight Counseling Center (ICC), a facility that has been a source of hope for countless individuals struggling with mental health issues.

With a main focus on people with jobs in high-stress environments (military, veterans, first responders, etc.), The Insight Counseling Center offers various services. From therapy and counseling to more advanced treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression, Dr. Callum and his team are dedicated to both the healing process and the end result: a healthy and sound mind.

Still, what makes Dr. Callum stand out from the rest is his vision of mending the fabric of the community. Untreated mental health issues affect not only the suffering individual but ripple through the community, and he is determined to counteract this by fostering resilience and recovery at every level.

Chong Xie

A smiling man wearing a suit and shirt
Chong Xie (Image: Provided)

Chong Xie is a renowned performance coach and certified corrective exercise specialist who has pioneered Hyperarch Fascia Training. His performance company revolutionises training methods by focusing on the feet and fascia connections in the body, bridging the gap between sports performance and physical rehabilitation. Xie’s approach goes beyond the muscular system to emphasize the significance of connective tissues, specifically fascia, which has long been overlooked by mainstream practices.

With advanced EMG and imaging technology and a deep understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics, Xie has achieved remarkable results. He has developed programs that not only enhance the performance of professional athletes but also cater to the specific needs of the average person. The effectiveness of these methods is evident through over 500 testimonials and the achievements of two world champions.

As a member and sponsor of the Fascia Research Society, Xie’s innovative approach is gaining recognition worldwide, particularly among footballers. Xie’s expertise is with chronic groin and Achilles injuries; his system offers faster recovery, improved speed, enhanced movement accuracy, and increased stamina and power.

Xie’s fascination with fascia-focused training stems from his understanding of the body’s natural mechanisms, drawing inspiration from the effortlessly athletic Maasai tribe. By tapping into these innate capabilities, Xie aims to enhance athletic performance and expedite recovery. Ultimately, his mission is to revolutionise the mainstream approach to physical training and rehabilitation by exploring the untapped potential of fascia and harnessing the natural capabilities of the human body.

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