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Florence Pugh responds to trolls who think she’s faking an English accent

"So many people think I'm American"

By Emma Wilkes

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh. Credit: Gage Skidmore

Florence Pugh has commented on accusations from trolls that she puts on an English accent.

The actress recently appeared on Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, where she spoke about how often people assume she is American.

Acaster had remarked to Pugh that she does “a lot of good accents” in her films, to which she said: “Well, I can do northern quite easily, my gran is from Grimsby. So I grew up taking the piss out of my grandad.”

Acaster added: “The first few things I saw you in, it was all American accents so I thought you were American.”

Pugh, who was born in Oxford, then said she had often been mistaken for American.

“So many people think I’m American,” she said. “Then when I do things publicly, like if I present an award or I’m on a stage talking, they’re like, ‘That is the fakest English accent I have ever heard’. What do you think I- How- What? How do I sound better?”

Florence Pugh on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', March 2023
‘A Good Person’ is written and directed by Pugh’s former partner, Zach Braff. (Photo: YouTube)

“Why would that be a time when you fake an accent?” Acaster questioned.

Pugh replied: “Sometimes when I’ve done Instagram Stories, [they’re] like, ‘Oh my god, Florence Pugh sounds like she’s putting on an accent’ and I’m like, no, that is me. That’s literally me. So sorry.”

Pugh is currently starring in Zach Braff’s new film A Good Person. She contributed two original songs, ‘The Best Part’ and ‘I Hate Myself’, to the film’s soundtrack, marking her first releases as a singer-songwriter.

A Good Person follows Allison as she deals with the fallout from a fatal accident; it also stars Morgan Freeman and Molly Shannon. It is the third film written and directed by Scrubs star Braff, after 2014’s Wish I Was Here and his cult favourite 2004 debut, Garden State, the soundtrack for which he hand-picked, and which went on to become highly influential in the US indie rock scene of the 2000s.

Pugh will also be appearing in both Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two, which are lined up for July and November, respectively.