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Aaron Taylor-Johnson wants to star in a musical: ‘I’d do it!’

The actor says he's keen to avoid being pigeonholed in action roles.

By Nick Reilly

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Picture: Kosmas Pavlos)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has opened up on his desire to not be pigeonholed in his role choices, explaining that he’d be keen to star in a big-screen musical.

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The actor is the latest cover star of Rolling Stone UK and opened up on the prospect in our wide-ranging chat.

“I don’t necessarily want this to be my brand, doing one action movie after another,” he said.

I grew up dancing; I work with movement coaches… Please someone write me a musical. I’d do it!” 

Opening up on his formative years as an actor, Taylor-Johnson went on to explain how it kept him out of trouble as a youngster.

“You work with good and bad actors, divas and non-divas,” he began. “You learn how not to behave… Sometimes doing those jobs kept me out of trouble at the right time. In the suburbs of London, there’s not much to do but piss around and be naughty. And that was fun, but acting was a saving grace.”

Taylor-Johnson, a self-proclaimed lover of tap dancing, also explained how he fastidiously studies the movement of other actors.

“Alain Delon, I’ve been watching a lot of his films,” Taylor-Johnson continued. “I like the way he moved. His elegance, and his stillness.” 

Taylor-Johnson appears on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone UK, where he discusses his new role opposite Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy and beyond.

In the cover feature, he was also asked about persistent rumours – which have gained more traction this week – of him replacing Daniel Craig as the next Bond.

When posed the question, Taylor-Johnson diplomatically responded: “I can only really talk about the things I’m going to show and tell. So, The Fall GuyNosferatuKraven the Hunter. I’m here to promote those.”