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Al Pacino has a Shrek phone case and the internet is obsessed with it

Icons unite.

By Nick Reilly

Al Pacino & Shrek
Al Pacino & Shrek - the unlikeliest combo of 2022 (Picture: Alamy/Amazon)

Twitter users have lauded Al Pacino after a photo emerged of what appears to be his phone in a Shrek case.

Evidence of the acting icon’s unlikely choice came in the form of a photo uploaded to Instagram by Jason Momoa, which showed the Godfather star enjoying a dinner with the actor and a selection of friends.

But, as some eagle-eyed fans noticed, the legendary thespian appears to have a phone case with the beloved ogre’s faced printed all over it.

Reacting to Pacino’s apparent love of the misanthropic green beast, one Twitter user wrote: “Knowing that Al Pacino has a Shrek phone case is the best piece of knowledge I’ve ever acquired.”

Another wrote: “Al pacino has a shrek phone case one more reason as to why he’s a legend.”

The surprising development was originally confirmed by Twitter user Marie Bardi, who found a similar-looking case of the Dreamworks character available for $12.95 (£9.94) on Amazon, uploading a screenshot with the message: “OH MY GOD”.

Another fan went to the effort of messaging Al’s daughter, Olivia, on Instagram, in an attempt to clarify the situation.

In a screenshot of the DM, they wrote: “Hi Olivia, sorry for the random question but there’s a bunch of people (including me) going crazy on Twitter because they saw a picture of Al in which it seems he has a Shrek phone case?

“Is that possible? Because that would be iconic lmao anyway have a nice day :).”

Setting the speculation, a person appearing to be Olivia responded: “Yes it is hahah!!”

So there we have it. Al Pacino: acting icon and certified Shrek stan.