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New ‘Eternals’ teaser trailer reveals Marvel’s first LGBTQ+ family

It's the latest glimpse at Chloe Zhao's first MCU offering

By Hollie Geraghty

‘Eternals’ trailer reveals Marvel’s first LGBTQ+ family
The new 'Eternals' trailer introduces Marvel's first LGBTQ+ family. (Photo: Marvel Studios/YouTube).

Marvel has released new footage from ‘Eternals’ which shows the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s first LGBTQ+ family.

The latest film from the studio, which is due to be released next month, gives a brief 30 glimpse of new footage from Chloé Zhao’s new Marvel offering.

In the footage, Phastos (Bryan Tyree Henry) and his husband, played by Haaz Sleiman, are seen with their on-screen child Jack meeting Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan), who tells his dads that he saw Ikaris on TV wearing a cape and shooting laser beams.

Madden’s character dryly replies: “I don’t wear a cape.”

The Eternals follows a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on earth for thousands of years, who reunite to battle the evil Deviants. The superheroes were first introduced into the comics in the 1970s.

The film also stars Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Don Lee, Barry Keoghan, and Kumail Nanjiani.

Watch the new teaser below.

The film will receive an early release at Rome Film Festival, as its closing film on October 24.

When asked by Variety about the diversity of the cast and roles, Oscar winner Zhao said: “It’s just been such an incredible experience working with the team at Marvel. I want to be careful saying ‘my vision’ even though I do want people to know they did support what I wanted to do. But I also want to make sure they know that I got the support of this incredibly talented team, some of the most talented artists in the world.”

In a recent interview with Out Magazine, Sleiman described feeling “lucky” to be cast as a gay character. He said: “I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I feel like Marvel, they were very smart to cast me in it because I got to humanise the hell out of it.” He added: “I got to humanise an LGBTQ+ family and show how beautiful they are.”

The actor also previously teased that there would be a “beautiful, very moving kiss” in the film, as reported by PinkNews.

The ‘Eternals’ release follows the success of Marvel TV releases ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Loki’, and more recently ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ on the big screen.

The ‘Eternals’ UK release is slated for 5 November.