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Producer Boi-1da debuts THE CONCEPT A.I. ALBUM featuring UK talent Bellah

The EP was created with A.I. trained on the producer's beats

By Dale Fox

Stylised image of Boi-1da
The Concept A.I. Album is available now (Image: BACARDÍ)

Rum brand BACARDÍ has dropped a new 5-track EP titled THE CONCEPT A.I. ALBUM in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning producer Boi-1da. The album features original songs created using artificial intelligence software trained on Boi-1da’s personal catalogue of unreleased beats.

Emerging artists Bellah, Floyd Fuji, Kyle Dion, Blackway, and Savannah Ré were selected for the project and tasked with inputting lyrical and melodic ideas into the A.I. system. The software then generated new demos by combining the artists’ original work with Boi-1da’s signature sound. Each artist had the opportunity to tweak the A.I.-enhanced tracks until they were satisfied, before meeting with Boi-1da himself to finalise production.

The Concept A.I. Album EP cover
The album features five emerging global artists (Image: BACARDÍ)

The result is a genre-spanning EP highlighting both Boi-1da’s hitmaking talent, as well as the unique artistry of each vocalist. From Bellah’s pop stylings on ‘Something to Prove’ to Blackway’s soulful R&B number ‘Ebony’, the album showcases the producer’s range.

Music Liberates Music

BACARDÍ launched the A.I. experiment as part of its annual “Music Liberates Music” programme. The initiative aims to support emerging artists, while starting a conversation around how technology like A.I. can transform music collaboration.

Boi-1da endorsed the project’s goal of expanding access to music production through A.I., stating: “I was essentially able to be in multiple places, working on multiple tracks, simultaneously. The results speak for themselves…I hope this leads to more conversations around how we can harness new technology to make music production more efficient and accessible.”

British vocalist Bellah also spoke positively about her experience, saying: “Working with a legendary producer through the transformative lens of A.I. has been such an incredible journey, merging the soul of innovation with my traditional process.”

THE CONCEPT A.I. ALBUM is now available on all major streaming platforms worldwide. As with all BACARDÍ’s musical endeavors, proceeds will go directly to the artists. Fans can also purchase a limited edition vinyl pressing shipping in January.

Click here to listen to THE CONCEPT A.I. ALBUM on Spotify.