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Charli XCX hits out at “hateful comments” sent to Sam Smith online

The pair are set to release a new collaborative single this week.

Charli XCX (Picture: Emily Lipson) and Sam Smith (Picture: Petros Studio)

Charli XCX has hit out at “hateful comments” sent to her friend and collaborator Sam Smith online.

The two artists will release new song ‘In The City’ on Friday (October 20), and Charli shared a video message with fans to share her love for Smith and disdain at the comments they have received online.

“I’m about to release a song with Sam Smith and the experience so far has been really interesting because never in my life have I seen somebody receive so many hateful comments online,” Charli told fans on TikTok.

“It’s obviously been really disheartening, but at the same time, I’m so proud of Sam’s ability to withstand that because I know that I certainly couldn’t withstand it.

“So I just want to say, Sam, I love you. I love our song together, and I am in awe of your strength.”

See the video below.

Earlier this year, a video emerged of Smith being verbally abused in New York, with the singer receiving a string of insults.

The British singer is seen ignoring the woman as she disgustingly brands the Grammy winner a ‘paedophile’ and continues to walk away.

“You belong in hell,” the woman shouts as the 27-second clip begins. “Sam Smith belongs in hell. Ya demonic twisted sick b******.”

“Leave the kids alone ya sick f*****. Sam Smith is a paedophile. Ya sick mother ******, Sam Smith,” the woman shouts in what appears to be an Irish accent.

Smith has received a torrent of abuse and criticism from religious sects and conservatives in recent weeks after their performance at the Grammys was branded ‘Satanic’.