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DJs to join House Against Hate protest at Downing St this weekend

The Blessed Madonna, Hot Chip, Eliza Rose and more will join speakers including Jeremy Corbyn to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

By Will Richards

House Against Hate
House Against Hate (Picture: Press)

DJs including Eliza Rose, Hot Chip, The Blessed Madonna and Midland are joining the House Against Hate protest at London’s Downing St this weekend.

The protest comes on the United Nations’ Anti-Racism Day, this Saturday (March 16), and is organised by the R3 Sound System.

Speakers including Jeremy Corbyn and Bimini will also take part in the protest, which is also raising money for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

See the full line-up below.

A statement from organisers said the “mobile protest unit will be hitting the streets of London along with thousands of demonstrators to protest against the racist, xenophobic, transphobic, anti-immigrant, genocide enabling contingent in the UK establishment.”

It added: “As the Tories ratchet up their anti-immigration rhetoric, as Trump plots his second attempt at dismantling US democracy and as Labour fail to call out Israel’s genocide, we must unite once again around our community soundsystem to protest against the global consolidation of rightwing power.”

“Bring banners, loudhailers and friends plus everything you need to kick-start the revolution. Watch this space for location announcements.”