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ESEA Music Writing Camp share first single ‘I Luv My Life’

The song, released to celebrate East and South East Asian Heritage Month, features iamkyami, Jason Kwan, Josie Man, Lucy Tun, Tascha Jerawan and Vishal Chopra and is produced by Congee.

By Will Richards

ESEA Music (Picture: Josie Man)

ESEA Music have shared the first single to be lifted from their recent writing camp – listen to ‘I Luv My Life’ below.

The non-profit community organisation was founded in 2021 to support East and South East Asian artists in the UK, with members including Rina Sawayama and Miso Extra.

The writing camp was organised by music industry professional kityiu grace and artist Lucy Tun, the latter of whom appears on the new single alongside iamkyami, Jason Kwan, Josie Man, Tascha Jerawan and Vishal Chopra. The track, meanwhile, has been produced by Congee.

Discussing the experience, Grace and Tun said: “Our goal is to organise writing camps encompassing diverse music professions and genres. The experience of having musicians from different genres collaborate on songs has been immensely fulfilling creatively. Facilitating these collaborative sessions with artists at different career stages created a sense of fairness and equality. They have fostered a stronger sense of unity within the ESEA Music community, as our shared creative interests bring us closer together.

“It’s not often that we have the opportunity to bring all ESEA artists together to create music in the same room, so it was a truly special and memorable moment for everyone,” the statement continued. “By releasing music produced during these writing sessions, we hope to reinvest back into our community, supporting our growth and development.”

ESEA Music founder Tiger Hagino Reid added: “The objective of the writing camp was to bring together the many talented artists within ESEA Music to create music together. The writing camps are at the core of ESEA Music vision for the future, in which we are providing ESEA artists opportunities for collaboration, session work, producing experience and song writing skills.”