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EXO CHEN: Opening the ‘DOOR’ to new musical horizons

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By Dale Fox

EXO CHEN (Image: Provided)

EXO’s main vocalist CHEN is captivating listeners all on his own with his latest solo album DOOR, available now. This marks the singer’s first solo release in a year and a half, following his third mini-album ‘Last Scene’ in November 2022.

Journey from EXO to solo stardom

CHEN, a pivotal member of the legendary K-pop group EXO since their 2012 debut, has consistently showcased his exceptional vocal prowess. His solo career kicked off impressively in 2019 with April, and a Flower, featuring the chart-topping single ‘Beautiful Goodbye’.

The vocalist’s journey hasn’t been limited to group activities. CHEN has continually honed his skills through diverse experiences, including his role as Benny in In The Heights and his groundbreaking win on KING OF MASK SINGER – the original version of the UK’s The Masked Singer – where he became the first male idol to clinch victory.

DOOR: A new chapter

(Image: Provided)

DOOR represents a significant milestone in CHEN’s artistic evolution. The album, featuring six tracks, showcases CHEN’s growth not only as a vocalist but also as a songwriter. He penned the lyrics for five of the six songs, infusing the album with his unique style and emotive depth.

The title track Empty serves as a reminder of CHEN’s vocal mastery and emotional range. The album explores the contrasting themes of emptiness and fulfilment, inviting listeners to experience the rich, layered emotions that define CHEN’s artistry.

From main vocalist to musical auteur

(Image: Provided)

CHEN’s journey from EXO’s main vocalist to a formidable solo artist is marked by consistent growth and dedication to his craft. His powerful voice and emotive performances have garnered attention since his early days with EXO. Recent solo ventures, including successful concert tours and fan meetings in Japan in 2023, have further cemented his status as a versatile performer.

As CHEN continues to evolve as an artist – be it as a member of EXO, a solo vocalist, or a musician – fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the new facets and charms he will reveal in the future.

Experience ‘DOOR’

Dive into CHEN’s musical world and explore the heart’s empty and full corners through his latest album DOOR. Listen now on Spotify.

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