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Grimes shares details about new EP and forthcoming double album

The singer has revealed thematic details about her new EP and double album, 'Book 1' and 'Book 2'

By Hollie Geraghty

Grimes poses in a digitally altered photo in an ethereal purple picture
Grimes (Picture: Atmos).

Grimes has shared details of her forthcoming EP and double album, ‘Book 1’ and ‘Book 2’.

The electronic artist had previously spoken about the follow-up to ‘Miss Anthropocene’, describing ‘Book 1’ as a “space opera” on Instagram.

The singer has now revealed that an EP will be released with her new label, Columbia, and that ‘Book 1’ will be released independently. Pitchfork also previously reported that ‘Shinigami Eyes’ will appear on the EP called ‘Fairies Cum First’, as a “a prelude” to ‘Book 1’.

Speaking to science-fiction author Nnedi Okorafor in a feature for Atmos, Grimes said: “I’m making an EP for my label Columbia. And then after that, I’m working on this thing called ‘Book One’ and ‘Book Two’, which I’m going to release independently.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the new projects, she continued: “I’m a huge student of history. I’m just obsessed. My dream in life would be to be able to observe or be around events that matter.”

She added: “So I realised that I need to start creating art that’s like the Icelandic Sagas or Herodotus. I want to make this super fantastical, over-the-top artistic observation of this incredibly historic story that I’m in.

“So I’m calling it ‘Book One’ and ‘Book Two’. It’s a double album, and I’m imitating the incredibly inaccurate histories of the past and making this wild sci-fi version of what my life is.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Grimes spoke about her fears for humanity. “I feel like people suck at listening and taking criticism, and internet criticism is never super nuanced or accepting,” she said.

“And a lot of the same people who are talking about restorative justice are the people who are doubling down on a lot of this negative criticism. I just feel like beyond prison and politics, restorative justice is really important for humanity.

“If we could approach criticism in a way that is aligned with healthy discourse and restorative justice at the core of it, we probably wouldn’t have these defensive reactions that we get.”

In a recent cover interview with Vanity Fair, the singer spoke about what to expect from ‘Book 1’, which is still a work in progress of 15 songs. It reportedly takes place in the distant future when consciousness can be uploaded into a robotic body, featuring a Cymek antihero who she referred to as “the dark king”. It’s also set to offer a cyberpunk twist on ‘Swan Lake’.

Grimes signed to Columbia Records and left 4AD in March last year.