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JUNNY and Levent Geiger soar into the sky with new collab CLOUD 9

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By Lloyd James

Singers JUNNY and Levent Gieger wearing sunglasses
JUNNY and Levent Gieger (Image: Provided)

Korean singer-songwriter JUNNY and German TikTok star Levent Geiger have released the single ‘CLOUD 9’, blending their diverse music styles and highlighting the universal language of music.

Released today, 17 May, ‘CLOUD 9’ opens with a delicate chime bell melody, setting a serene tone that is soon joined by JUNNY’s soothing vocals and the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. This combination evokes the sensation of rising into the sky, a perfect prelude to the song’s core theme. As the track progresses into the chorus, the electric piano takes the lead, creating the feeling of entering the clouds and symbolising the act of soaring through them.

Levent Gieger and JUNNY against a blue backdrop with balloons above their heads
JUNNY and Geiger’s collaboration bridges cultural and musical gaps (Image: Provided)

The song reaches its pinnacle with a beautiful melody intertwined with JUNNY’s powerful chorus, representing the peak of joy as if looking down at the world from above. The minimal arrangement allows each instrument to shine, contributing to the storytelling. The organ and electric piano lend the track a warm, analog feel, while the guitar infuses it with nostalgia and raw emotion. As the song gradually winds down, the melody softens, and a calming ambience sets in, providing a tranquil conclusion as if gently descending back to the ground.

This seamless musical journey reflects the artists’ meticulous craftsmanship and profound emotional connection. JUNNY and Geiger’s collaboration bridges cultural and musical gaps, inviting listeners to share a moment of peace and joy.

Global collaboration

JUNNY, born in Canada, moved to Korea to pursue his passion for composing music. He has worked with renowned K-pop artists, and his debut single ‘Thank You’ ranked at No. 17 on Apple Music’s R&B chart. Through collaborations with various artists, JUNNY has showcased his versatile skills.

JUNNY with photos of his face on phone screens being held up around him
JUNNY (Image: Provided)

Levent Geiger, born in Munich in 2003, is a musical prodigy fluent in five languages. He has won Germany’s ‘Jugend musiziert’ competition multiple times and founded a successful piano duo. With 6 million TikTok followers, Levent Geiger’s popularity is a testament to his exceptional musical talent.

Levent Gieger with photos of his face on phone screens being held up around him
Levent Geiger (Image: Provided)

Since its release, ‘CLOUD 9′ has been praised for its intricate production, heartfelt lyrics, and the seamless blend of the artists’ voices. The song’s ability to evoke powerful emotions and its wide appeal have resonated with audiences worldwide, demonstrating the magic that happens when artists from different backgrounds unite to create something truly special.

‘CLOUD 9’ is more than just a song; it is a musical journey that takes listeners through a range of emotions, from the serene beginning to the euphoric peak and the tranquil end. JUNNY and Levent Geiger have crafted a piece that not only showcases their individual talents but also their ability to create synergistically. This collaboration is a celebration of music’s power to bring people together and lift their spirits.

Listen to ‘Cloud 9’ by JUNNY and Levent Geiger now

‘CLOUD 9’ is available to listen to now by clicking here. Allow JUNNY and Levent Geiger to guide you on a blissful journey above the clouds as they celebrate life’s happiest moments through their extraordinary music.