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Lynks shares new song ‘Use It Or Lose It’ and signs to Heavenly Records

The singer tells us about their irresistible new track inspired by a 'feral feeling' and showing they’re 'not just a clown' on new material

By Will Richards

Lynks (Photo: Poppy Tingay)

Lynks has returned with brand new single and video ‘Use It Or Lose It’ and announced their signing to Heavenly Records.

The new single follows the pop star’s 2022 EP ‘Men’ and collaborations with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and a remix of Metronomy.

Talking to Rolling Stone UK about the new track, Lynks said: “I turned 25 last year, and I did some research and it turns out that 25 is scientifically the most attractive age of your life. But when I got to 25 I was in the middle of a nine-month long dry spell. I thought, ‘This is the hottest I’m ever gonna be in my entire life and I’m literally having no sex?!’ I was livid.

“The song is about that feral feeling of thinking that this is meant to be the peak of your life – you’re young, you’re crazy, free love and all that – but something weirdly comes with this. It’s like a ticking clock. Especially as a gay man, youth is idolised so much, and the song is about that feeling of use it or lose it. Shag everyone until no-one wants to shag you anymore! But you can’t always trust experts…”

The new song, full of laugh-out-loud lyrics and chaotic beats, also touches on a more serious side to the conversation, a part of Lynks’ music that they are trying to expand upon through new music that is set to follow the new single soon.

“It seems to be the consensus that everyone’s the hottest at 25, but also the most miserable. Even if your pores are slightly more defined as you get older, you’ve also got more confidence and know who you are. I tend to write songs on the surface [that are funny] but have a really depressing core underneath. You can listen to that or just hear a fucking jokes slut-pop song!,” said Lynks.

“I started Lynks as almost a novelty thing. I was doing a drag show at my friend’s birthday party I was I was doing a drag show and it was a comedy act. The transition from comedy act to comedy musical act has been quite slow. But now people listen to my music on their daily run, and listen to it and don’t even necessarily think about or listen to the lyrics – they’re just listening to it because they love the tunes.”

“Now I’m not just a clown,” they added. “I am a clown, but I’m also a clown that makes banging dance music. It’s a nice realisation to come to, and writing some songs that were a bit more emotional than, for example, ‘How To Make A Bechamel Sauce In 10 Steps’, really helped and they still resonated with people.

Of their upcoming new music, Lynks said: “When I was writing, I was in a very transitional, turbulent moment, and it’s a lot about figuring out who the fuck you are in the middle of your twenties. I always say that I think gay pride is amazing, and it’s wonderful that we’re at a place where there’s so much like queer pride happening, but I’m here to represent the queer shame, too, and people need to talk about it.

“It’s the step two – you have step one, which is the pride idea of celebrating everything about ourselves unconditionally, but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for everyone to share their experiences of what’s difficult about being a queer person.”

For their new music, Lynks has signed with Heavenly, home to the likes of Katy J Pearson, The Orielles and Confidence Man. Discussing the signing, they told Rolling Stone UK: “Obviously it’s a little off brand for me because I’m not very heavenly… more satanic!

“It’s an amazing label, and it’s very cool to see a label that’s so established and respected supporting someone that’s such a fucking weird left-field artist like me. I’m pinching myself about it because I love them and I love their roster – it’s all hits! It feels like a family already.”