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Mysterious Stray Kids billboards appear in East London

Stray Kids' UK fanbase were sent into a spin over the billboards that popped up in London's East End

By Joseph Kocharian

Image: Joseph Kocharian

Stray Kids fans have began speculating if an announcement could be imminent, after a series of mysterious billboards were spotted in East London over the weekend.

Spotted by eagle-eyed STAYS (Stray Kids fandom), hot pink billboards that simply said ‘STAY TUNED’ in the Stray Kids font appeared in East London’s Kingsland Road, near Shoreditch High Street, and also the Old Street roundabout. By the end of the weekend, STAYS were already making the pilgrimage to take selfies and shots of the billboards.

France is usually the favourite European stop for Bang Chan, Changbin Felix, HAN, Hyunjin, I.N, Lee Know and Seungmin. As well as performing at Gala Des Pièces just two days ago and Lollapalooza Paris last year, both Felix, I.N and Hyunjin have all travelled for their French Fashion House duties, attending fashion shows for Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen in Paris and Versace in Cannes respectively. Fans will be hoping that Hyunjin will have his camera out, photographing his bandmates around the landmarks of London, as he has been doing in Paris.

Kingsland Road Billboard (Picture: Joseph Kocharian)

There is no word on what the teaser billboards that sprung up over the weekend are alluding to, but most STAYS are speculating that London could be a stop on Stray Kids’ next world tour. London was originally on the schedule for the group’s 2020 world tour, but it was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

London has a wealth of music events, so it is also possible that the one of the most popular fourth-gen K-Pop boy group could be performing at a festival, such as British Summer Time in Hyde Park or Glastonbury. Whatever it may be, Stray Kids have gotten the attention of British K-Pop fans simply with two words and a bright pink background.

Stray Kids (Picture: JYP Entertainment)