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Ashnikko returns with vicious new single ‘You Make Me Sick!’

‘I’ve decided to come back with my angriest, most cathartic song to date’

By Hollie Geraghty

Ashnikko 'You Make Me Sick!' press shot
Ashnikko (Photo: Press).

Ashnikko has shared the ferocious new single ‘You Make Me Sick!’, their first new music since 2021 – listen to it below.

The single marks the return of the US-born, London-based rapper and singer, who released their debut mixtape Demidevel back in January 2021, featuring fan favourite single ‘Daisy’ along with collaborations from Kelis, Princes Nokia and Grimes.

“I’ve decided to come back with my angriest, most cathartic song to date,” the singer said of the seething rap track in a statement.  “My own personal rage room for me to smash my plates.”

You make me sick / You make me turn my insides out onto the bricks / I could never train a b—h like you,” she growls in the chorus. “You like my boots? I could squash you like a little rotten fruit / On your jugular and leave a pretty bruise / Attitude and the booze won’t save you.”

Listen to the track and watch the accompanying video below, directed by Saam Farahmind, below. Note that the video contains flashing images that may not be suitable for some viewers.

Back in October 2021, Ashnikko shared the Halloween-themed track ‘Halloweenie IV: Innards’ as their annual spooky season release.

Since 2018 the singer has shared Halloween-themed releases to celebrate their favourite holiday, including ‘Halloweenie’, ‘Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice’ and ‘Halloweenie III: Seven Days’. 

Back in October 2021, the singer spoke to Rolling Stone UK about how her single ‘Maggots’ was inspired by online abuse she faced from the incel community online. 

“Sometimes I get bombarded with these incel maggot parasite-like creatures on the internet. It makes me so fucking mad,” the singer explained of the lyrics.

“I just needed an outlet and luckily my outlet is music. And I love angry femmes in music so that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to release my aggression: my pent-up aggression through the medium of music. And yeah, I’m trying to rage, I’m trying to start a mosh pit.”

Elsewhere, last year songs by Ashnikko and Beabadoobee were remixed for a new music series designed to encourage healing through sound.

The video and audio series from cultural movement woo, called Higher Frequencies, was launched to combine the “ancient art of sound healing” with the music of popular artists to encourage shifts in brain chemicals.

Across four 10-minute sessions there’s an uplifting reworking of Ashnikko’s ‘Daisy’, a meditative remix of Beabadoobee’s ‘Talk’ and a soundscape called ‘Game For Life’ by British producer and DJ Vegyn.