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BERWYN announces debut album ‘Who Am I’ and shares powerful track ‘Dear Immigration’

The Londoner's debut arrives this summer

By Nick Reilly

BERWYN (Picture: TJ Sawyer)

BERWYN has announced details of his debut album Who Am I, as well as sharing the powerful lead track ‘Dear Immigration’.

The London artist’s debut album arrives on July 12 and sees him using his distinctive, powerful voice to address the issues that have affected his own life, and those of many others in modern Britain.

As an official release explains, it’s a “13-track exploration of himself and the many forces, memories and places that have shaped his life emerge beautifully crafted and cohesive reflections on faith, on the tugs of addiction and the embrace of love, on what it means to be demonised for your immigration status or skin colour.”

The latest reflection of that comes in ‘Dear Immigration’, which sees BERWYN hitting back against anti-immigration rhetoric.

“You make me feel like a fugitive and runaway”, he says on the song, before adding, “you make me look at the mirror in horror, you took my tomorrow…I want you to know since I was nine I felt like a crime, I used to imagine you coming for me every day of my life”.

You can also read our 2021 interview with BERWYN, which sees his discussing his debut mixtape DEMOTAPE/VEGA, here.