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BERWYN nods to street violence on new song ‘MIA’

Recent Mercury Prize-nominated artist is back with his first new music since 'TAPE 2 / FOMALHAUT'

By Charlotte Krol

Berwyn poses for Rolling Stone UK
Berwyn, 2021 (Picture: Frank Fieber)

BERWYN has shared a new song ‘MIA’, his first new music since the release of ‘TAPE 2 / FOMALHAUT’ mixtape earlier this year.

The artist, whose debut mixtape ‘DEMOTAPE/VEGA’ was nominated for the 2021 Mercury Prize, has returned with a searing cut that spotlights street violence.

Berwyn said of the track [via The Line of Best Fit]: “This song means the absolute universe to me. It’s a dedication to all the missing pieces that aren’t here anymore. I titled it ‘MIA’ because it does what it says on the tin, it’s a time to think and to honour the people that aren’t with us now…and to acknowledge the fact that there is still a lot of violence outside. Performing this song comes like walking through a gate to the other side feels mad spiritual, not sure why.”

It comes after the Trinidad-born, London-based rapper and singer spoke to Rolling Stone UK recently about his Mercury nod and his experiences of overcoming homelessness and immigration battles.

Speaking about ‘DEMOTAPE/VEGA’, BERWYN explained that the project was his ambitious attempt to escape desperate circumstances during a period of homelessness.

The tape was recorded during a two-week stint in a Romford bedsit and hears the artist discuss his circumstances with remarkable honesty. “How come sleepin’ in the car only filled me with drive?,” he asks on ‘Glory’.

He added: “Have you ever washed your arse in a pub sink and had the man in the cubicle opposite you open the door and make direct eye contact with you?

“You’re so far down the ladder that you couldn’t care less about his opinion because you know it’s not even going to bring you half a step up. I guess that summarises my whole experience.” ‘DEMOTAPE/VEGA’ was his “ticket out of that situation”.

“There was no other end goal and this was literally my only option. On my mother’s life, this was it, so thank fuck it worked!” he said.

‘MIA’ is co-produced by Berwyn and Fred again.., and arrives with a WAXXWORK-directed video, which you can watch above.