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Blur say Wembley Stadium comeback was their ‘best ever’ show

High praise from the music icons for their recent Wembley stint...

By Nick Reilly

Blur for Apple Music (Picture: Press)

Blur have opened up on how the second night of their recent two-date stint at Wembley Stadium proved to be the “best ever” show the Britpop veterans have ever played.

The reunited group played two dates at the national stadium earlier this month, delivering an acclaimed set that drew on both past glories and the acclaimed highs of their new comeback album, The Ballad Of Darren.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, the group opened up on how the Sunday night at Wembley proved to be a career high, having found their feet in the cavernous 90,000 capacity stadium on the first evening.

“The Sunday night was the best ever concert,” admitted Damon, explaining that it seemed smaller after the first night.

Bassist Alex James added: “I was doing live telly yesterday, and the person sitting next to me had been to the gig, and they said, ‘How was Wembley?’ And she just started absolutely gushing and then I nearly started crying.”

“The other good thing about Wembley, it’s really, really loud. You can’t go that loud in Hyde Park. But just in terms of the sound on stage, because I think because we were able to get in there the day before and just bed in.”

James added: “Well, a certain artist who would prefer to remain anonymous said afterwards, “It was like watching four guys have a kick around in the park, but the park was Wembley Stadium. It did feel like a pub gig, just the people going absolutely insane.”

But amid their own glories on the night, Blur were also able to soak up a bit of Wembley history in their own way – causing havoc in the England team’s dressing rooms.

“There’s a massive communal shower. I put them all on. And ran around singing,” said Alex James.

Blur’s comeback tour continues tonight (July 25) with a one-off date at the Eventim Apollo where they will play The Ballad of Darren in full.

Reviewing the record, Rolling Stone UK wrote: “This is an album where Blur return older and wiser, reflecting on the here and now while still managing to retain every ounce of the charm and musicality that made them such a brilliant prospect in the first place. It’s a joy to have them back.”