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Bring Me The Horizon debut new track ‘Kool-Aid’

'We are the children of the devolution,' comes the distinctive scream of Oli Sykes.

By Nick Reilly

Bring Me The Horizon (Picture: Press)

Bring Me The Horizon have returned with new track ‘Kool-Aid’, marking the latest release from their forthcoming POST HUMAN: NeX GEn album.

The new track is first to arrive following the departure of Jordan Fish late last year and comes after they teased it by sharing a brief snippet in an Instagram story.

It’s a heavy effort typical of the band’s sound, with Oli Sykes’ distinctive vocals pitted against imposing guitars and thunderous drums.  “We are the children of the devolution/ The infamous martyrs, the scars on the sun/ Asphyxiating with a smile on your face/ While they pull your teeth out one by one”,” he sings on the track.

The group’s next record NeX GEn’ was set to be released on September 15 last year, but was pushed back due to “unforeseen circumstances”, with the group “unable to complete the record to the standard we’d be happy with”.

That was followed by the departure of Fish, who joined rock giants in 2012 and played a key part in evolving the group’s sound from their heavier origins, which was first displayed on the 2013 record Sempiternal.

Confirming Fish’s departure, Bring Me The Horizon said in a statement: “Bring Me The Horizon has decided to part ways with Jordan Fish. We want to thank him for the musical journey he took with us and wish him luck with everything in the future. Meanwhile we continue to work on Nex Gen, with brand new music coming very soon. See you on our UK tour in January.”