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BTS raise US $3.6million through their ‘Love Myself’ UNICEF campaign

The campaign, in collaboration with UNICEF, has proved to be a huge success

By Grace Almond

BTS pose for a promotional picture for their Love Myself campaign
BTS have collaborated with UNICEF since 2017 on the 'Love Myself' campaign (Picture: Press)

K-pop icons BTS have raised an impressive US$3.6million (£4.8 million) after teaming up with UNICEF to create a campaign called ‘Love Myself’.

The joint campaign was launched nearly four years ago, and a press release from UNICEF announced the proceeds today, celebrating its long run. 

Launched in November 2017, the ‘Love Myself’ campaign sends a powerful anti-bullying message, promoting self-love among children and young people across the world. 

BTS reflected on the reasons why they joined the campaign: “We started LOVE MYSELF as a way to reach young people and help improve their lives and rights,” they said. “During the process, we also strove to “LOVE MYSELF” ourselves, and we as a team and as individuals grew as well. We hope that many people felt how the love received from others can become the power that allows them to love themselves.”

In addition to the $3.6million raised, the campaign has also generated significant interest online, with almost five million tweets mentioning the initiative, as well as over 50 million engagements.

The campaign also involved an exclusive music video released by BTS in July 2019, and dedicated booths at convert venues with information on how individuals can prevent, and protect themselves from, bullying. 

In September 2018, the band addressed the United Nations, and did once more two weeks ago at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, where the band confirmed that they had received their Covid-19 vaccinations, a statement which received praise from the UN.

BTS and their record label, BIGHIT Music, have renewed their commitment to the campaign early this year, and have pledged over $1million to UNICEF, in addition to a portion of album sales and the proceeds from the sale of ‘Love Myself’ merchandise.

“We hope that the LOVE MYSELF message can continue to serve to invigorate everyone’s lives,” BTS said. “We will be honored if all seven of us can continue this campaign to return the amazing love that we have received, and give people the strength to come closer to LOVE MYSELF. We hope to keep doing what we are doing and voice what we are voicing, so we can help people find happiness and love.”