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Could another Outkast album happen? André 3000 has his say

'I think hopefully with will and intent, something will happen'

By Nick Reilly

Andre 3000 (Picture: Press)

André 3000 has discussed the potential for a new OutKast album, admitting he wanted the duo to make another record “a long time ago”.

The musician opened up in a new interview with CBS Mornings, where he spoke about his recent debut solo record New Blue Sun – which consists entirely of minimalist and experimental flute music.

When asked if his Outkast bandmate Big Boi had discussed the possibility of a reunion, André said “No. To be honest, no,” but confirmed the pair are “still close”.

“But I think because he knows who I am, and knows what gets me going, he knows what inspires me, he knows when I’m excited about something. You know what I mean?” he added.

“So I think in that sense, he’s never pushed that issue. But I’m sure, like… I want another OutKast album. Yeah, like in my mind – but see, that’s the thing. That’s the human side. I want[ed] an OutKast album a long time ago.”

André went on: And honestly for me as an individual, it would be gratifying to me to put out a solo rap situation. But not for nobody else at this point. It’s for me because I actually like the challenge of, ‘How could I make this part of my life interesting and rhyme in words?’ You know what I mean? Like how can I do that?

“So yeah, it’s still a challenge. So I think hopefully with will and intent, something will happen.”

OutKast’s last reunion came in 2014 when they headlined Coachella before hitting the road for a comeback tour.