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Ding Ding! Crazy Frog is making a comeback to end 2021 on a low

Crazy Frog is making a comeback this December

By Elizabeth Aubrey

Crazy Frog
Crazy Frog - Credit: Instagram

Crazy Frog, the animated amphibian behind a ringtone which went viral in 2005, is making a comeback.

The blue frog, which became known for riding an imaginary motorcycle while trying to emulate the sound of the engine, had a chart topping single in 2005. It beat Coldplay to the number one slot with his version of ‘Axel F’, which was the theme song to the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ films.

The frog will make his return on December 10 and as reported by the BBC, the comeback will be “a mash-up of classic hits inspired by TikTok trends.”

Wolfgang Boss, president of A&R for Sony Music, says the decision to release new music comes from a renewed interest in the frog’s music on YouTube.

Boss said (via the BBC): “When we started Crazy Frog, there was no TikTok, it didn’t exist. But right now TikTok is super important. It’s basically the number one platform for people to share new music and funny things connected with music.”

Boss is reuniting with the original DJ producer behind the project, Reinhard “Voodoo” Raith.

Crazy Frog’s voice was accidentally created by 17-year-old Daniel Malmedahl in 1997. Messing around with friends, he recorded himself trying to emulate the sound of a moped engine.

Speaking to the BBC in 2005, he said: “We had many laughs because it’s so characteristic, this two-stroke engine sound. My friends found it funny when I started imitating it.”

“When we recorded it, we found it very, very funny. We laughed until we got tears.”

His friends put the recording online and the clip went viral.

Swedish graphic designer Erik Wernquist drew the animated frog to go alongside the recording, labelling it “annoying thing” at the time.

The famous ‘ring-a-ding-ding’ sound of the frog became well known for being an annoying ear-worm that stuck in listener’s heads once they heard it.