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Easy Life are being sued by EasyJet owners over band name

"For those of you who bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise"

By Will Richards

Easy Life
Easy Life (Picture: Jack Bridgland)

Easy Life have revealed that they are being sued by EasyGroup, the holding company of airline EasyJet, over their band name.

Taking to X/Twitter, the band alleged that the company are “forcing us to change our name or take up a costly legal battle which we could never afford”.

They wrote: “Okay… never imagined having to do this but we’ve no choice but to address the situation we find ourselves in. As some of you have already discovered, we are being sued, Easy Jet are suing us for being called Easy Life.

They added: “We’ve worked hard to establish our brand i’m certain in no way have we ever affected their business.

“Although we find this whole situation hilarious, we are virtually powerless against such a massive corporation. I don’t really know what else to say, will keep you lot updated. For those of you who bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise, for the rest of you, thank you so much for your support.”

EasyGroup have since confirmed to NME that the lawsuit comes from the holding company, who are planning to expand the ‘easy’ franchise into new sectors, including a branch called ‘EasyLife’.

They said in a statement: “Stelios [Haji-Ioannou, EasyGroup owner] and EasyGroup founded and (now) own the right to the easy brand name.

“Other companies (including EasyLife) pay annual royalties for its use as part of their business strategy. We cannot allow unauthorised third parties to simply use it free, gratis and for nothing. That would be very unfair.”

Easy Life’s second studio album, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE, came out last year.