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Ed Sheeran submits plans to build burial chamber at Suffolk home

He's hoping to install the chamber under the floor of a boat-shaped chapel

By Charlotte Krol

Ed Sheeran performs live
Ed Sheeran performs live (Picture: Getty)

Ed Sheeran has submitted planning permission to build a crypt at his East Anglian estate.

The singer-songwriter wishes to install a burial chamber under the floor of a boat-shaped chapel that he had plans approved for in 2019.

Sheeran initially had plans rejected for a chapel, which was originally meant to be in the style of a small early Suffolk Round Tower Church, but has since gained approval in 2019 to build a “private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer” [via Metro].

In 2018 an application for a Saxon-style chapel was rejected by the Suffolk Coastal District Council on the grounds that the building would “conflict with the prevailing character of the landscape”. Other reasons for the rejection was because the 24-seat chapel would cause light pollution and “create the impression of a second village church”.

With the new plans, which were submitted to East Suffolk Council last month and are awaiting a decision, a burial chamber measuring 5ft 10″ by 8ft 10″ would be build under the nave of the chapel.

Sheeran’s updated plans (discounting the most recent application for the crypt) for the chapel were approved after he decreased the scale of the building, which was planned to have a 48ft tower.

Ed Sheeran during his appearance on CBeebies' Bedtime Stories
Ed Sheeran (Photo: BBC)

The chapel is to be lined with flint, with a spiral stair tower, a lead roof as well as stained and clear glass windows. The intention, per the 2019 application, is that people from all over the world would be encouraged to visit the estate and the chapel.

The application stated: “Many of these people are from many countries, faiths and customs, including for example the USA, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria, Asia and Australia.

“Thus, the applicant seeks to provide a space in which, he, his family and these different people can retreat for contemplation, prayer and relaxation, to meet celebrate and meditate in peace and safety from disturbance, when they visit.”

Eight pews, an altar, an upstairs gallery and a stair turret with access to the tower will feature in the building.

Donald Insall Associates, the agents for the project, wrote in previously submitted documents: “It would address an important need for a private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for celebration of key life and family milestones.

“The proposed building would be a space truly ancillary to the main house, but apart from it in order to provide calm and separation.”

In an application for the chapel Sheeran was told that if he wants to be able to hold wedding ceremonies in the private chapel on his property it also has to be open to the public.

“Sheeranville”, as the singer’s sprawling Suffolk estate has been dubbed by neighbours, has received local complaints in the past about Sheeran’s plans for the chapel as well as a tree house. Neighbours have also accused his plans to build a “wildlife pond” as a cover-up for a swimming pool.

Meanwhile, in other news, the artist has revealed his plans to tour in an electric campervan when he embarks on his UK and European run of dates later this year.