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Fat White Family announce fourth album ‘Forgiveness Is Yours’

The band's first album in five years arrives in April via Domino

By Nick Reilly

Fat White Family (Picture: Louise Mason)

Fat White Family have announced their fourth studio album, ‘Forgiveness Is Yours’, and shared new single ‘Bullet Of Dignity’.

The new album from the Brixton hellraisers arrives on April 26 via Domino and follows the first track ‘Religion Of One’, which was released late last year.

Discussing the record, frontman Lias Saoudi explained that it was about “life as eternal contingency…about no longer suspecting, but knowing that this shit will never get any easier…in fact, it’s about to get a whole lot worse, your body’s going to go into decay and the people you love will slowly start dropping dead around you…but somehow, you’ve smashed enough of your expectations thus far in life, you’re sort of fine with it…you accept it”.

You can watch the track in full below and check out the tracklist.

‘Forgiveness Is Yours’ tracklist:

1.   ‘The Archivist’
2.   ‘John Lennon’
3.   ‘Bullet Of Dignity’
4.   ‘Polygamy Is Only For The Chief’
5.   ‘Visions Of Pain’
6.   ‘Today You Become Man’
7.   ‘Religion For One’
8.   ‘Feed The Horse’
9.   ‘What’s That You Say’
10. ‘Work’
11. ‘You Can’t Force It’

This comes after Saoudi released his book ‘Ten Thousand Apologies…’, which offered a no-holds-barred look at life in the band – who have delighted and revolted fans in equal measure over the last ten years.

“It seemed unusual to me that nobody was engaged in that kind of guerrilla cultural warfare back in the early 2010s,” he told us of the band’s reputation.

“It just seemed obvious that people were owed something hideous and repulsive. The economy was collapsing and the environment; it couldn’t get any more toxic and everybody’s making this like, nu rave s**t. It’s just posturing. Give me something that reflects the insidious, incestuous, perverse state of the current climate that we’re all feeding off.

“Isn’t that the point of art and culture, to offer a meaningful reflection of where we’re at? We’ve completely stumped ourselves by replacing it with politics, which is where we’re at now. That’s the hip thing: what kind of an activist are you? Give me a f*****g break. It’s just narcissism as far as the eye can see. I figured doing a lot of drugs and living in a toilet was the honourable thing to do faced with that deck of cards.”