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Fräulein share ‘Pruning’, the final taste of their upcoming mini-album

The duo's mini-album 'Sink Or Swim' lands in June.

By Nick Reilly

Fräulein (Picture: Press)

Fräulein have shared ‘Pruning’, the final preview of their upcoming mini-album, Sink Or Swim.

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“Pruning” imagines what happens after the good guys win and the ‘happily ever after’ starts” explained vocalist/guitarist Joni Samuels. “Will this happily ever after last forever? Will the sacrifices you made along the way be worth it, and do they affect you in the long run?”

The track follows the likes of ‘Feels Like Flying’ – which featured a night/day version and ‘The Last Drop’. Their upcoming mini-album, meanwhile, was created in collaboration with London-based Cosmorat.

Describing that album, Samuels recently told Rolling Stone UK: “I do feel it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. You want every single project to be the best thing you’ve ever done, but I think in the last 3-4 years of being in a band, we’ve tried every new way of working and it’s allowed us to realise what we like and what we don’t like. It’s the first time we’ve really fully reached the potential of where we are right now. I’m super proud of it.”

Her bandmate, Karsten van der Tol, added: “I think with every release we thought it was the best thing we’d put out, but the amount of work we put in, and the amount of care and attention to detail, that really shines through.”

Sink Or Swim is set for release on 14 June via Submarine Cat Records,