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Green Day tease new music recorded at London studio

Could a new album be on the way?

By Ella Kemp

Bille Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs live
The band look to be gearing up for a first album since 2020. (Photo: Wikimedia commons/Sven-Sebastian Sajak)

Green Day appear to be teasing new music, after a recording session at London’s RAK Studios.

The band shared a video on their Instagram account yesterday (December 19) of their latest session, without indication as to whether the music could be a new single or a teaser from an album.

The numbers “1972” flash on screen at one point in the video – which is the year that all three band members, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, were born. The clue has led to some fans speculating about a 50th birthday release next year.

Green Day released a new single called ‘Holy Toledo!’ last month, celebrating partying and letting go with lyrics including “We’re running with razor blades / Party favors, sex with strangers / We don’t care what the neighbours say.”

The song comes after two other singles released earlier this year, ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘Here Comes The Shock’, but there is no word yet on whether they will all feature on the same release together.

The band recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of their second album, ‘Kerplunk!’. They took to social media to mark the occasion, honouring the LP which was released on December 15, 1991 via Lookout! Records.

The label’s co-founder, Larry Livermore, wrote a retrospective article about the anniversary on the request of Billie Joe Armstrong, called I Am The Disappearing Boy: 30 Years of Kerplunk.

Writing about Green Day’s success and how soon he felt sure of it, Livermore said: “What made me so sure?Part of it was just a gut instinct, the same sort of feeling that had prompted me to ask Green Day (still Sweet Children at the time, strictly speaking) to do a record within minutes of seeing them play for five teenagers in a candlelit cabin in the middle of a mountain wilderness.

“Billie and Mike were only 16 at the time, and their then-drummer, Al Sobrante was all of 18. It was only their third or fourth show ever, but there was no doubt in my mind that their music was ready for the world. It might have taken the world a little while to catch on, but three years later, it felt like that was about to happen.”