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Heardle has trolled us all for April Fool’s Day

Well played, Heardle. Well played indeed.

By Nick Reilly

Heardle has RickRolled us all
Heardle (Picture: Heardle)

Heardle has played a prank on music fans across the globe with their song selection for today, April 1st.

The daily music game launched last month inspired by the success of Wordle, and sees music fans tasked with guessing an iconic track in as few guesses as possible. A maximum of six guesses is allowed, with another section of the tune revealed every time a user chooses to skip.

But with today being April Fool’s Day, it seems that the Wordle creators have decided to have a bit of fun. Today’s game, you see, saw users being challenged to guess Rick Astley’s 1987 hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – which is the subject of the iconic and immortal ‘Rickroll’ meme that originated in the mid noughties.

The prank sees unsuspecting victims being asked to open a link which is often disguised as a song or a current news story, for instance. Upon clicking the link, the user is instead directed to the video for Astley’s iconic hit – burying the irresistible ear-worm ever deeper into our brains.

So, in a nutshell, Heardle users got royally rickrolled for April Fool’s Day.

Posting on Twitter, one user wrote: “If you know the makers of #Heardle personally, buy them a pint. Outstanding #AprilFools.”

Another said: “Heardle just hit me with the greatest april fools joke of all time lmao.”

In another twist, some users reported that they weren’t given the option to hear a song today.

An error message read: “Oh no! Seems like today’s track is unavailable on SoundCloud in your location. We’re really sorry. The answer is here though, if you want to maintain your streak. We won’t tell.”

The attached link then took users to, unsurprisingly, Rick Astley’s classic hit.

Well played, Heardle. Happy April Fool’s Day.