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Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor on playing Rave UKraine: ‘This event will help to spread hope and optimism in Ukraine’

Simultaneous raves will take place in Liverpool and Kyiv this weekend, with Taylor leading an impressive line-up of DJs.

By Nick Reilly

Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor (Picture: Paul R. Giunta/Invision/AP)

Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has said that this weekend’s Rave UKraine event in Liverpool will be a strong showing of musical solidarity with the war-torn country.

This Sunday (May 7), simultaneous raves will take place at Liverpool venue Hangar 34 and at HVLV Bar feat Hangout in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, with each event being live-streamed to the other country.

The event, which marks the beginning of Liverpool’s hosting of Eurovision on Ukraine’s behalf, will also see sets from Mingulitka, real name Nastia Haman, a DJ who came to the UK via the Homes for Ukraine scheme in May last year.

Taylor will head up a bill on Sunday night for the Liverpool event that also includes the likes of Jodie Harsh and UNKLE’s James Lavelle.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, the Hot Chip frontman said: “I don’t find it easy to wrap my head around how they’re managing to host the rave in Kyiv or how people have the strength to stay positive, but it’s brilliant that they do. It’s brilliant that events like this might help in that way too, to make people have some hope and optimism.”

He added: “It’s a pretty brutal situation out there and it’s not something I take lightly, knowing we’re in a completely different situation where we are. I really feel for the people of Ukraine, but I also want to acknowledge that if the people have the strength of spirit and want to be raving, then let’s go and enjoy that moment.”

As for his DJ set on Sunday evening, Taylor explained it would fit the celebratory vibe of the night.

“I’m still kind of working it out and whether there’s anything particular to the event that I can be doing. But it’s described as a rave, so I just want to keep it very up tempo and, and make it an enjoyable and sort of party friendly atmosphere for everyone,” he explained.

The event will kick off a week of Eurovision celebrations in Liverpool, which will culminate in next Saturday’s final when Mae Muller will vie for UK glory with ‘I Wrote A Song’. But could Hot Chip ever see themselves as the UK’s entry?

“I like that idea!,” said Taylor. “But I haven’t ever suggested it to the rest of the band or really even thought about whether we’d be wanted by anybody to represent the UK.”

Until then, in that case, it’s Rave UKRaine that might just be the next closest thing…

You can buy tickets for Rave UKraine here…