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In pictures: The Last Dinner Party smash their biggest ever show at the Roundhouse

Last night saw The Last Dinner Party play the biggest show of their career so far. Here's what went down.

By Nick Reilly

A band united (Picture: Aaron Parsons)

At the Rolling Stone UK Awards last November, The Last Dinner Party got their first taste at commanding a crowd in the legendary bowels of North London’s Roundhouse, months before their sold out show at the very same venue.

But that night – which saw singer Abigail Morris weaving between tables as the group stormed through a show-stopping rendition of ‘My Lady Of Mercy’ – was a mere dress rehearsal for the main event.

Last night, then, was the real deal, with the group performing the biggest show of their career on the eve of releasing their stunning debut album Prelude to Ecstasy.

“I literally can’t tell you how fucking excited we are to be here,” Morris tells the crowd early on – evidently overwhelmed by the mass of humanity that’s come to see a band who released their debut single a mere 10 months ago.

Even if she’s lost for words, her showmanship does the talking throughout a lean 60 minutes. As our photos prove, this was the band in full flight – offering the most exciting of glimpses at a massive 2024 that awaits them.

Before then, however, enjoy our exclusive glimpse at last night.