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John Lydon calls anarchy a ‘terrible idea’

The former Sex Pistol also says 'God bless the Queen'

By Sam Moore

John Lydon is pictured holding a sausage on stage
John Lydon pictured in 2013. (Picture: Wikimedia commons/Σπάρτακος)

Punk singer John Lydon has publicly renounced anarchy, calling it a “terrible idea”.

The former Sex Pistols frontman once called for anarchy as part of the band’s anti-establishment agenda but has now criticised supporting the ideology.

In a column for The Times, Lydon writes: “Anarchy is a terrible idea. Let’s get that clear. I’m not an anarchist.”

He then went on to criticise the perceived hypocrisy of anarchists: “And I’m amazed that there are websites out there – .org anarchist sites – funded fully by the corporate hand and yet ranting on about being outside the shitstorm. It’s preposterous. And they’re doing it in designer Dr Martens, clever little rucksacks and nicely manufactured balaclavas.”

Lydon also came out in support of the Queen despite the Sex Pistols being vocally anti-monarchy: “God bless the Queen. She’s put up with a lot. I’ve got no animosity against any one of the royal family. Never did.”

However, he did criticise the idea of monarchy: “It’s the institution of it that bothers me and the assumption that I’m to pay for that. There’s where I draw the line. It’s like, ‘No, you’re not getting ski holidays on my tax’.”

The Sex Pistols recently reissued their classic track ‘God Save the Queen’ to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend.

The song was originally banned by the BBC for its offensive lyrics towards the royal family.

The Pistols’ song calls the royal family a “fascist regime” and slams the Queen as “no human being”.

The band are also re-releasing a compilation entitled ‘The Original Recordings’ which will feature 20 of the band’s tracks.

Lydon also distanced himself from the re-release, saying in a statement: “He and his team were not involved in producing this compilation and consider it substandard compared to previous Universal releases since 2012.”

Lydon has also been vocal in his criticism of a new biopic of the band called Pistol, which is directed by Danny Boyle.

He called the show a “middle class fantasy” but Anson Boon who plays Lydon in the show told Rolling Stone UK that he “fell in love” with the punk star when making the series.