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Joseph Lawrence shares video for powerful new track ‘Tomorrow’

'It's a real story about me and the journey of getting to a place of hopefulness,' says Lawrence of his latest track.

By Nick Reilly

Joseph Lawrence (Picture: Chieska Fortune Smith)

Rising star Joseph Lawrence has shared the new video for his powerful track ‘Tomorrow’. You can watch it first on Rolling Stone UK.

The latest track from Lawrence, his first since signing to RCA, is an emotional piano-led ballad that shows off Lawrence’s distinctive vocals as he sings of the hope for the very near future.

“I don’t recognise myself, I’m a shadow, I’m a shell, But I’m not giving up. Tomorrow, everything is gonna change,” he offers on the track.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, Lawrence explained how he channelled his own experiences into the semi-autobiographical effort.

“Tomorrow is a real story about me and the journey of getting to a place of hopefulness, to a place of positivity,” he said.

“The story talks about the struggles that any aspiring artist will go through and it’s really just an honest view point on my journey to that hopeful place.”

While Lawrence’s darkened vocals sit at the centre of the track, production comes from Ben Garrett – who is best known as London cult art-pop star and producer Fryars.

“I believe that the universe draws you to people when you need them the most and this guy is just one of the most talented, kind and creative beings I’ve ever come across,” said Lawrence of working with Garrett.

“For this point at my journey we’ve been a perfect match. We work completely in tandem and it’s been a beautiful match of both our skills. With Ben, if he believes in something he’ll give it space and respect. That’s the key in our relationship, that respect. I came to him with my sonic vibe and we had this beautiful blend of his lightness and my darker pitter-patter.”

The pair have also been working on Lawrence’s debut album, which is set for release next year. So is ‘Tomorrow’ representative of the album as a whole?

“It is very representative of it, but not in terms of a place of darkness. It represents the raw emotion of it and real honesty,” said Lawrence.

“That’s the true representation of what to expect from the album. There’s a lot of moments in there that are quite vulnerable. They can be seen as dark, but there’s beautiful moments because life is about that too.”

Thematically, Lawrence added, the album hones in on the struggles of chasing your dreams.

“It centres around the idea of the problems you’ll face while having a dream. This is one thing that’s stuck with me and ‘Tomorrow’ touches on that,” he said.

“It touches on doubt, as well as any moment on the journey to achieve the dream you really want. It’s about life too, my life and the way I want to convey my emotions and the things I go through. And for the first record it’s so important to bring people into my sonic palette. I want to introduce Joseph Lawrence to everyone, but this is not the be all and end all. This is my first love and I want to share it with people.”

“It’s the truest representation of everything you’ve heard from Joseph Lawrence up until this point.”