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Lana Del Rey joins her ‘nepo daddy’ Rob Grant on ‘hypnotic’ single ‘Lost at Sea’

'Lana's voice is haunting and powerful. It moves ghostlike like through the song like mist over the ocean,' Grant said

By Tomás Mier

Rob Grant and Lana Del Rey (Picture: Decca Records)

Rob Grant fully embraces his “nepo daddy” moniker on his newest single. On Thursday, Lana Del Rey joined her father on the release of ‘Lost at Sea‘, the title track of his debut album, out next Friday.

“Lost At Sea is a deeply emotional and ethereal song. It combines the beautiful vocals of Lana Del Rey woven into a hypnotic piano composition,” he said in a press release. “Lana’s voice is haunting and powerful. It moves ghostlike like through the song like mist over the ocean.”

“The song has a deep message of hope for all of us who feel lost and disconnected in today’s world,” he continued. “‘Lost At Sea’ is the reason I made my album: to share music that can bring some peace and calm to a very anxious world.”

Grant co-wrote the song alongside Del Rey, featuring the Budapest Art Orchestra. This is the fifth track Grant releases off his Lost at Sea LP, after dropping songs such as “The Mermaid’s Lullaby” and “Deep Ocean Swells.” On the album, Del Rey also features on “Hollywood Bowl.”

Grant will release the music video for “Lost at Sea” with Del Rey Friday morning, featuring many of the Grants’ family and friends and never-before-seen images of Del Rey and her siblings.

“It was an extraordinary experience filming onboard a 55-foot ketch in the Pacific in extremely rough seas and high winds,” he said about the visual. “The final video is very personal and interspersed with rare family footage of the Grant family growing up.”

“When the editor who worked on the Lost At Sea video first heard the song and saw these images, she told us later she could not stop crying. I know it had the same effect on me,” he continued.

Grant announced his album back in February with a press release that described him as an “accidental musician” who has “never had a lesson on any instrument in his life.”

“He can’t read sheet music. But when he sits down at a piano, notes flow from him. Melodies come unbidden,” the release read. “He can play for hours. Emotion overwhelms thought, and out pours composition after composition.”

Hours before the announcement, Del Rey joked on Instagram about his father’s upcoming music. “This is either gonna be the beginning of something beautiful or take us all down,” she wrote. “May the force be w all of us. I mean let’s get real – he’s always been the star.”

From Rolling Stone US.