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Listen to Sigrid’s empowering new single ‘It Gets Dark’

"You have to know what sucks in life to then properly appreciate the good stuff"

By Hollie Geraghty

Sigrid wears a silver shimmering shit against an orange cosmic background
'It Gets Dark' is the latest track from the Norwegian singer's second album (Picture: Press).

Sigrid has released her anthemic new single ‘It Gets Dark’ – listen below.

The new track is an empowering ode to embracing the highs and lows in life, and is the latest single from the Norwegian singer’s second album, the follow-up album to 2019 debut ‘Sucker Punch’.

I have never ever been this far away from home / And now I know / It gets dark, it gets dark at night,” she sings.

“You have to know what sucks in life to then properly appreciate the good stuff,” the pop singer said of the track in a statement.

It also explores the different sides to her personality and reflects on her relationship with home. “They’re two different things. The chill girl who loves to ski and hike and cook versus the other part of me that’s like let’s go out, or let’s play massive shows, go on stage and not be scared of anything.” 

Listen to ‘It Gets Dark’ below.

Most recently, Sigrid collaborated with Griff for ‘Head On Fire’. “It’s about that feeling when you meet someone who just flips everything upside down and you can’t focus on anything else but that person,” Sigrid said of the collaborative track. “[Griff’s] just lovely, and it’s been so much fun working with her.”

Last week the singers released a new version featuring King Princess and MØ.

“I was so happy when Griff asked me to join on this song,” MØ said in a statement. “I love collaborating with other women. I find the bonds I make when creating with other female artists makes me feel so empowered and it builds a sense of support and community. On top of all of that, I’m a huge fan of everyone on this song. They’re all powerhouses in their own unique way and I’m super proud to be part of this collaboration.”

King Princes added: “Thank you to these gorgeous gorgeous girls for asking me to come sing and play on ‘Head On Fire’. This song slaps!”

Sigrid also last year shared that she had been joined in the studio by Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish. “Just wait til you hear what we wrote,” she wrote on social media.