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Lorde responds to viral video of her shushing fans

"That dramatic-ass move was literally for an album called ‘Melodrama’, so don’t stress too hard"

By Hollie Geraghty

Lord poses in a silky dress in front of greenery and the sea
Lorde returned with her third album 'Solar Power' in August. (Photo: Press)

Lorde has addressed a viral video of her shushing crowds during her ‘Melodrama’ tour.

The singer is currently on tour in support of her latest album ‘Solar Power’, but videos have resurged online from the 2017-2018 tour of her telling crowds to be quiet while she performed ‘Writer In The Dark’.

Now the singer has responded in a video posted to Instagram fan account @lordecontent. “I just woke up,” she said from bed with an eye mask on her head. “I just wanted to talk about this thing of me shushing people at my shows.”

She continued: “That was something that I did on that one song a couple times when I wanted to sing it a capella or off the microphone so people could hear me and because I wanted to try something different. If you come to my shows, you know it’s an hour and a half of all of us singing and screaming together. Also that dramatic-ass move was literally for an album called ‘Melodrama’, so don’t stress too hard.”

The singer also addressed the viral moment at her Chicago show last week (April 23).

“I would put my mic down and walk all over the stage and kind of sing the song,” she said.

“I was 19, you know, very dramatic, a lot of feelings. And the internet has decided this was very bad and very rude,” she continued, met with laughs and cheers from the audience. “I think they mustn’t have come to one of these shows because it’s such a communal vibe. We’re all singing and screaming all the time.

“But occasionally there are moments for silence and moments for sound. There are moments that belong to just one person and there are moments that are all of ours, and that’s just life. But I had a weird moment with it, I was like, ‘Huh, I’ve been misunderstood’. I was sitting there this morning having gone on the internet and I was like, ‘Oh, people don’t get me’.”

The singer then spoke about being in a room full of people who understood her at the live show, and sang ‘Writer In The Dark’ for the first time since 2018, asking fans to sing along loudly.

Lorde is currently on tour in the United States until early May, before kicking off the UK and Europe leg of the tour in Leeds on May 25. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.