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Man hit with £500 fine for rapping N-word in Wu-Tang’s ‘Protect Ya Neck’

The incident occurred at a birthday party earlier this year

By Nick Reilly

Wu Tang perform live (Picture: Alamy)
Wu Tang perform live (Picture: Alamy)

A man in Scotland has been fined £500 for rapping along to the N-word in Wu-Tang Clan’s 1992 song ‘Protect Ya Neck’.

25-year-old Kyle Siegel, a white man, was ordered to pay the fine and an additional “victim surcharge” of £20 after a hearing in Lerwick Sheriff Court last week saw him take full responsibility for the offence.

As The National reports, Siegel was acting in a “disorderly manner” when the incident occurred on February 20 at a birthday party. He was in a cubicle in the female toilet at 1AM, his lawyer explained, when he found himself “singing along to a TikTok on a friend’s phone”.

A woman of mixed race was reportedly in the cubicle next to him and began arguing with him after witnessing the incident before reporting him to the police.

Siegel is said to have appeared apologetic in court and admitted he had “crossed the line”, but denied any ill intent with the singalong. His lawyer also noted that issues of “artistic freedom” arose from the case, but said Siegel was not a “person of colour”.

The track was released in May 1993 as Wu-Tang Clan’s debut single and has endured as one of their most iconic tracks, despite failing to chart upon initial release.