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MONSTA X delay ‘SHAPE of LOVE’ album release after positive COVID test

The band's Hyungwon has tested positive for the virus

By Will Richards

Monsta X on promo duties in LA (Picture: Jesse DeFlorio)
Monsta X on promo duties in LA (Picture: Jesse DeFlorio)

MONSTA X have delayed the release of their upcoming mini-album ‘SHAPE of LOVE’ after member Hyungwon tested positive for COVID.

Last week, the K-pop stars announced details of their new record, which will be their first new music in four months and was set to drop on April 11.

Yesterday (March 29), the band’s label, Starship Entertainment, revealed that Hyungwon had tested positive for COVID and, as such, the band were pausing all album-related commitments and delaying the release of the album.

“Hyungwon has completed three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine,” the label told MBN. “He has currently halted all scheduled activities, and he is receiving treatment at home in keeping with the government health authorities’ guidelines.”

Of the album’s delay, they added: “[Starship] will thoroughly follow the government health authorities’ guidelines, and we will do our best so that our artist can focus on recovery.

“We ask for your understanding on inevitably having to delay the April 11 release of MONSTA X’s mini album ‘SHAPE of LOVE’ as well as the reveal of its relevant content,” they added, revealing that a new release date for the mini-album will be revealed soon.

The new record will be the follow-up to November EP ‘No Limit’ and second English album ‘The Dreaming’, which came out in December. The group also released the latter alongside their documentary film ‘Monsta X: The Dreaming’.

Rolling Stone UK recently joined Monsta X on their promotional tour in Los Angeles, where the group spoke about their importance of their strong working relationship. “It helps that we only had brothers, not female siblings, so we can be direct,” Kihyun said. “If you’re not close, it’s obvious with a group when they’re performing on stage.”

They also spoke about what the reality of training to become a K-pop star entails. “For K-pop idols, mental health is a huge concern too, so that’s also an area that our parents are concerned about,” Kihyun said.

Minhyuk added: “When we were training, that system was very different, it wasn’t set up [properly] so it wasn’t that great of an environment.

“There’s been a huge improvement since – companies have officially set up and are concerned about all-round things, including mental health.” 

I.M. revealed that it was a more challenging experience for him. “When I was training, I was walking a dark tunnel and you don’t know when that is going to end,” he said.

“You don’t know how you’re going to make the debut or how you’re gonna be on stage. I don’t even know [if] I’m gonna get kept by the company [or not] so you get so anxious and there’s lots of pressure. So, I preferred when I had debuted.”