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Pearl Charles debuts new music video for ‘Givin’ It Up’

California singer-songwriter drops new video for the shimmery single

By Angie Martoccio

Pearl Charles performs live
Pearl Charles performs live

One year after her album Magic Mirror, Pearl Charles dropped the single “Givin’ It Up,” and now she has revealed its video.

The clip features Charles and her partner-collaborator Michael Rault in Las Vegas, as well as the kitschy, vibrant Madonna Inn in California. A twinkling keyboard starts off the track, while the triumphant, groovy chorus is sure to kick around in your head for days like a jukebox overflowing with coins.

“‘Givin’ It Up’ was written by myself and Michael over coffee one morning at our house in the Joshua Tree desert, in the shadow of Giant Rock and in view of the of the Integratron, which is thought to sit on an electromagnetic vortex,” Charles tells Rolling Stone. “Michael sat down at our Rhodes electric piano and began composing the tune.

“Intrigued, I asked him what he was playing and he told me he had a new idea that he thought would be perfect for us to collaborate on. Before we even had a chance to finish our coffee, ‘Givin’ It Up’ was born.”

Charles cut the track at Valentine Recording Studios in Los Angeles — where the Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers, and Frank Zappa have recorded — while Sarah Eiseman directed the video. “We felt that the neon lights and grit of the Vegas streets really encapsulated the dark, sexy elements of the song, while the saccharine sweet pinkness of the Madonna Inn was a perfect juxtaposition to represent the more delicate, feminine side of story,” she said.