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Pete Doherty to release memoir ‘A Likely Lad’

The debut memoir from the Libertines frontman will arrive in June

By Nick Reilly

Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty. CREDIT: Press

Pete Doherty has that he’ll publish his first memoir called A Likely Lad this summer, charting the highs and notorious lows of his musical career.

The Libertines frontman has teamed up with writer Simon Spence on the book, which arrives on June 16 via Little Brown.

A synopsis promises to tell “Doherty’s version of the story – the genuine man behind the fame and infamy. This is a rock memoir like no other.”

It adds: “In A Likely Lad, Doherty explores his darkest moments. With astonishing frankness – and his trademark wit and humour – he takes us inside decadent parties, substance-fuelled nights, prison and his self-destruction. Doherty also reflects on the turbulent relationships with various significant people in his life across the years.

“He discusses poetry, Paris, philosophy, politics, the music business and his key influences (from Hancock to Baudelaire). There is humour, warmth, insight, baleful reflection and a defiant sense of triumph.”

Though formerly one of rock’s most notorious hellraisers, Doherty has now been clean of drugs for two years.

He also teamed up with poet Frédéric Lo on the collaborative record ‘The Fantasy Life Of Poetry And Crime’, which was released last year.