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Rising star Konyikeh shares the video for Joy and Pride’

Watch it exclusively now on Rolling Stone UK.

By Rolling Stone UK

Konyikeh (Picture: Romany Francesca)

Rising London star Konyikeh has shared the video for ‘Joy and Pride’, the latest track to emerge from their debut EP.

The emotionally charged-track sees the singer ruminating on the breakdown of relationships, both romantic and familial.

“Joy and pride is about the breakdown of  relationships. It follows the father and his relationship with his wife and his daughter,” the singer told Rolling Stone UK.

“When emotions are raised and there doesn’t seem to be a reconciliation on the horizon, one still yearns to be accepted by the other, and continue to be seen as their ‘Joy and Pride'”.

It comes after the singer opened Dave’s performance of ‘In The Fire’ at the Brit Awards 2022, joined by an eclectic roster of guests that also included Giggs, Ghetts, Meeks and Fredo.

“He has a great team and surrounds himself with good people, so that is something I definitely strive to emulate,” said Konyikkeh.

“The BRITs performance was a surreal experience. It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes of such a performance. I wish I could do it all over again, just to take it in a bit more.”

As for her wider artistry, Konyikkeh went on to explain how she first turned to music after experiencing a tough period at school.

“I think it meant that I turned to music as my solace and so was at my most vulnerable when writing these songs,” she said.

“Though I had a lot of friends, school was still somewhat of an isolating experience especially when relating to my peers who didn’t look like me and couldn’t relate to my experiences.”

Konyikeh’s Litany is out now.