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Robbie Williams says he’s reached out to Lewis Capaldi amid Tourette’s battle

'I have reached out to Lewis and I’m here at any given time,' he said.

By Nick Reilly

Robbie Williams and Lewis Capaldi (Picture: Press/Aaron Parsons Photography)

Robbie Williams has revealed he’s reached out to Lewis Capaldi amid the Scottish singer’s ongoing struggle with mental health issues.

Capaldi is currently in the middle of a career break after experiencing issues during his Glastonbury that stemmed from the fact he is living with Tourette’s Syndrome.

“I have reached out to Lewis and I’m here at any given time,” Robbie told DIY. “There have been times in my life where other pop stars have been going through their own battles and I’m thinking ‘why would they want to speak to me? I’m still f**ked’. But if somebody phoned me today, I’d be able to talk them through it a bit and give them a bit of hope.”

In the same interview, Robbie admitted he had contemplated taking his own life at his lowest point of his mental health battles. He said: “Thank god mental health is being talked about in a different way. I read something that triggered me, somebody talking about celeb washing of mental illnesses. And celebs making mental health issues sexy.

“There is nothing sexy about taking a knife and slashing your own wrists that I did. We need to be careful about what we say and how we say it.”

When asked to clarify if he had actually done this, he said: “I am on about me slashing my own wrists. The reason I say that is to qualify people are people, whether they are on MAFS [Married At First Sight] or Martin Scorsese’s new film. We need to be careful what we accuse people of. You think such and such is laying it on thick for attention saying they have autism. It is not OK.”

Williams was speaking ahead of the release of a new Netflix documentary that focuses on his rollercoaster life and career.