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Rosie Lowe announces new album ‘Lover, Other’

Lowe's first album since 2021's Now You Know is on the way...

By Rolling Stone UK

Rosie Lowe (Picture: Press)

Singer songwriter Rosie Lowe has announced her brand new album, Lover, Other, alongside the new single, ‘In My Head.’

Lowe said of the song: ‘In My Head’ is a song about feeling the change in life and trying to learn to just surrender to it and not overthink. It’s about digging deep to a place inside where I forge on anyway, despite my fears”.

Lowe’s upcoming album is her first solo record since 2021’s ‘Now, You Know‘, her celebrated collection of self-produced demos, and Son, her team-up album with Duval Timothy.

In September, Lowe will also perform the record at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) on 26 September.


  1. ‘Sundown’
  2. ‘Mood To Make Love’
  3. ‘In My Head’
  4. ‘Bezerk’
  5. ‘There Goes The Light’
  6. ‘Walk In The Park’
  7. ‘Something’
  8. ‘Don’t Go’
  9. ‘In The Morning’
  10. ‘Out Of You’
  11. ‘Gratitudes’
  12. ‘This Before’
  13. ‘Lay Me’
  14. ‘Lover, Other’
  15. ‘Sundown (Reprise)’