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Sam Fender says British public were “groomed to hate” Jeremy Corbyn

“The Tory party knew exactly what they were doing when it comes to turning him into a f***ing enemy"

By Joe Goggins

Sam Fender performs live
'Paradigms', 'The Dying Light' and 'The Leveller' were aired for the first time. (Photo: Alamy)

Sam Fender has defended Jeremy Corbyn in a new interview, claiming that the British public were “groomed to hate him.”

In a wide-ranging interview with The Big Issue, the Newcastle singer-songwriter spoke out on political issues, taking aim at the current government by describing it as “the worst” in his lifetime. Referring to himself as left-wing as he stood up for the former Labour leader, Fender said: “I loved Corbyn, quite frankly. I mean, he f***ed up a lot of things. But I think his heart was in the right place and that’s something that we’ve not seen for a long time.”

Fender went onto slam the British media’s treatment of Corbyn during his four-year stint as Leader of the Opposition. “I just think he was done a massive disservice by the British press. And I think a lot of people who he would have potentially helped, were groomed to hate him. The Tory party knew exactly what they were doing when it comes to turning him into a f***ing enemy.”

Meanwhile, Fender also laid into the Conservative government, whilst making a personal pledge to do more to tackle poverty. “I think I need to do some more stuff to do with this. Because the Tories aren’t doing it. We’ve got the worst government I’ve ever seen, in my lifetime. My dad reckons it’s one of the worst he’s ever seen. And he’s sixty-f***ing-six.”

Fender’s views on Corbyn and the government will come as no surprise to his fans; he has often been outspoken on political issues. In a Rolling Stone UK cover story last year, the ‘Seventeen Going Under’ indie rocker emotionally recalled his chronically ill mother’s experience with the Department of Work and Pensions, who he said treated her “like a fucking benefit-cheating scumbag.” “I’ll never forgive them and I’ll never ever forgive the Tories,” he said. “They are fucking scoundrels. And the incompetence of them at the moment, as well, it’s like the worst Tory party you’ve ever seen.”

In the same interview, Fender lashed out at prime minister Boris Johnson. “How the f*** is he there!? You look at that guy’s life and he’s been a charlatan from day one. I don’t think for one minute he has ever stopped and realised how lucky he is. I don’t think he’ll ever understand what his privileges gave him. He’s completely unaware and that is terrifying when you’ve got somebody like that who makes all the decisions.”

Fender will perform live at next Tuesday’s (February 8) BRIT Awards ceremony at the O2 Arena. He is nominated in three categories. He goes on to tour UK arenas in March and April.