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Skepta thanks fans after opening up about ‘crippling’ stomach issues

"I will be taking time to fully commit to getting myself right"

By Hollie Geraghty

Skepta Wears a green jumper in a Vogue 'In The Bag' YouTube Video
Skepta (Picture: YouTube/ Vogue).

Skepta has thanked fans for their support after he spoke out about his recent stomach-related health issues yesterday (9 August).

The London rapper and producer last month uploaded a photo to his Instagram Stories in which he appeared to be wearing a hospital gown. “say a little prayer for me,” he captioned the image (via Metro).

Now, the grime artist has revealed that he has suffered from various stomach issues over the years.

“Through song lyrics or word of mouth some of you know I have suffered from IBS/stomach ulcers/problems since my early twenties,” he wrote on his Instagram Story yesterday.

“Apart from me not being able to maintain a steady weight, depression, short term memory loss, it also controls my moods, which has ultimately steered my life.”

He explained that he underwent an endoscopy, but said “nothing was found”. He added that he still experiences “crippling waves of pain” in his stomach.

“So I think the next thing for me to do is to book an MRI scan but if anybody has any experience or advice about this kind of thing I would love to talk still,” he continued.

“Sending strength to anybody that has had to deal with stomach problems kmt smh the internal fights, the mood swings, losing things etc. are normal symptoms, just don’t let it ruin your life.”

Today (10 August), the Boy Better Know star followed up with a second Instagram Story in which he thanked fans for their support, sharing that it had been “an emotional 24 hours”.

“I felt vulnerable posting about my stomach problems and how it’s been controlling my adult life but after reading all your replies I realised I’m not alone and I should communicate more, especially with the platform God has blessed me with,” Skepta wrote.

He continued: “A few people have said the stomach is the 2nd brain, right now I really believe it is my 1st brain and combined with my ADHD it is a recipe for disaster so I will be taking time to fully commit to getting myself right.

He concluded by saying he was going to make “conscious efforts” to better his health.

Skepta’s most recent studio album, Ignorance Is Bliss, was released in 2019. He then returned last year with EP All In.